Bravo Pet Food Recall

Bravo is recalling select lots and product(s) of Bravo Pet Food because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Listeria monocytognes is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-¬term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

However, healthy cats and dogs rarely become sick from Listeria. Animals ill with Listeria will display symptoms similar to the ones listed above for humans. People who have concerns about whether their pet has Listeria should contact their veterinarian.

The recalled product was distributed nationwide to distributors, retail stores, internet retailers and directly to consumers. The Prodeuct can be identified by the batch ID code (best used by date) printed on the side of the plastic tube or on the label on the box.

The recalled products are as follows:

1) These products are being recalled because they many have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Product: Raw Food Diet Bravo! Beef Blend for Dogs and Cats (Made in New Zealand)
All 2 lb, 5 lb, and 10 lb tubes
Product Numbers: 52-102, 52-105, 52-110
Best Used By Date: 10/10/15 or earlier

Product: Bravo! Balance Premium Turkey Formula (Manufactured by Bravo! Manchester, CT)
3 lb box with (12) 4 oz. burgers
Product Number 31-401
Best Used by Dates: 1/07/16 and 2/11/16

2) These products are being recalled out of an abundance of caution because while they did not test positive for pathogens, they were manufactured in the same manufacturing facility or on the same day as products that did test positive.

Product: Raw Food Diet Bravo! Lamb Blend for Dogs and Cats (Made in New Zealand)
All 2 lb., 5 lb., and 10 lb. tubes
Product Numbers: 42-102, 42-105, 42-110
Best Used by Date 10/10/15 or earlier

Product: Raw Food Diet Bravo! Lamb Basic for Dogs and Cats (Made in New Zealand)
2 lb. tubes
Product Number: 42-202
Best Used By Date: 10/10/15 or earlier

Product: Raw Food Diet Bravo! Beef & Beef Heart for Dogs and Cats (Made in New Zealand)
5 lb. tubes
Product number 53-130
Best Used by Date: 10/10/15 or earlier

Product: Raw Food Diet BRAVO! 100% PURE & NATURAL PREMIUM GRASS-FED BUFFALO for dogs and cats (Manufactured by: Bravo! Manchester, CT)
NET WT 2LBS (32 OZ) .91KG (Tubes)
Product Number: 72-222
Best Used By Date: 1/7/16

Product: Bravo! Turkey Balance Formula (Manufactured by: Bravo! Manchester, CT)
NET WT 2 LBS (32 OZ) .91KG, Chub (tube)
Product Number: 31-402
Best Used By Dates: 1/7/16 and 2/11/16

NET WT 5 LBS (80 OZ) 2.3KG, Chub (tube)
Product Number: 31-405
Best Used By Dates: 1/7/16 and 2/11/16

Product: Raw Food Diet BRAVO! LAMB BLEND for DOGS AND CATS (Manufactured by: Bravo! Manchester, CT)
5 LBS (80 OZ) 2.3KG, Chub (tube)
Product Number: 42-105
Best Used By Date: 2/11/16

This voluntary recall has been issued because the FDA has reported an independent lab detected the bacteria in a sample during a recent review. The company has received a limited number of reports of dogs experiencing nausea and diarrhea that may be associated with these specific products. The company has received no reports of human illness as a result of these products.

Bravo discontinued all manufacturing in New Zealand on October 10, 2013. Bravo will immediately start working with distributors and retailers to properly dispose of any affected product left on freezer shelves. The company will also be announcing the recall to pet owners to ensure they dispose of any affected product that has been purchased.

Bravo is issuing this action out of an abundance of caution and sincerely regrets any inconvenience to pet owners as a result of this announcement.

The recalled product should not be sold or fed to pets. Pet owners who have the affected product at home should dispose of this product in a safe manner (example, a securely covered trash receptacle). They can return to the store where purchased and submit the Product Recall Claim Form available on the Bravo website for a full refund or store credit. More information on the Bravo recall can also be found at, or call toll free (866) 922-9222.



FDA recall notice:

Link for product images:


May 14, 2014

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  1. chuck linker says:

    If you use any of these products in current recall, please read the brands you may be using above. They may save your boxer’s or other animal’s lives. Check the codes if you use these dry flavors. tHEY ARE LISTED HERE. You may be saving another life.

    Note the 14 brands in recalls— Call the company. 800 numbers usually on every product. including the popular IAMS, PURINA ONE & EUKANUBA– Procter & Gamble company that manufacture these foods. IAMS is a company that has made the voluntary recall- SAMONELLA DISCOVERED. iT IS A DEADLY BACTERIA with symptoms mentioned here in the initial article..

    Check this entire email for other new recalls.

    Call P&G and get a recording or carefully constructed spiel FROM A LIVE PERSON. Ask “When is this recall going to end?” Proof of that?


    Just don’t buy any P&G foods again. Toss out what you have left.

    Shop at Petco/ PetsMart, etc.– but not a grocery store- Publix, Winn-Dixie, Costco, Walmart, etc because it is convenient & slightly cheaper. Our pets are worth a lot to us all including good nutrition. Everyone who sleeps under the same roof deserves the same respect. Our rescues, of course, deserve our quality care they may never had until you fostered or adopted them.

    Please read ingredients on all dry or canned food.. Change to a healthier brand. You make the choice yourself after reading ingredients. Don’t feed your pets the same food all their lives. Would you like that? Our boxers, cats, all canines and felines are also family members too..

    BTW, Science Diet is one of the worst brands despite what a vet may say. Many doctors get it free, so therefore it (along with prescription food) is often recommended & necessary as a prescription med. Why?? More $$$$$$$$$ for some veterinarians.

    READ INGREDIENTS. IT TAKES 2 MINUTES– not in a grocery store.


    • Susan Thixton says:

      Hi Chuck – I just want you to know that Bravo is not a P&G company there is no association of this food to P&G, Iams, Purina One, Eukanuba or Science Diet.

  2. shane says:

    How does this not make the main page? Playing favorites now are we Susan?

    • Susan Thixton says:

      Are you kidding? Did you bother to look at the very top of the website – the “main page”? the scrolling headlines that are recalls only? That is where all recalls go and it’s only for recalls. And those links could stay on there for months (depending on if other recalls occur). Recalls don’t go in the image slider on the homepage – they never have. No matter who the company is. And by the way, this design was set months ago when I changed the website. It wasn’t set up this way playing favorites. So to answer your question – no. I’m not playing favorites.

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