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Blue Buffalo Kibble Change?

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  1. Robin

    This is VERY suspect and interesting on another level….
    I feed homemade raw, but occasionally purchase Blue products for some of my boarder dogs that won’t eat raw.
    On Tuesday THIS week, 2/19/2013, I visited my local high-end boutique pet food store to buy some Blue which she has always stocked. There was none on the shelf. I asked and she told me that Blue is requiring some sort of non-disclosure contract, and she refused to sign. I really didn’t pay that much attention, but now, after this frightening story, I am very curious what was in a new contract with a distributor that she refused to sign?

    1. Sharon

      Here is my communication with Blue a few moments ago after reading some of the posts here. Me; Hi, i am new to Blue Buffalo. My cats love the duck dry, tolerates the chicken and won’t touch the salmon. i wish I had bought the duck first. lol can you clear up the negative rumors about blue being bought by Procter and gamble and ingredients from china being used? I am serious about keeping my cats healthy and if Blue can do that with my good care, then the price is worth it. Thanks.
      Blue Buffalo; Blue Buffalo – All-Natural Pet Food Hi Sharon – welcome the the BLUE family! So glad to have you.

      We can clear things up for you quite easily: BLUE has not been bought out by any company and all of our foods are manufactured here in the USA. We do not source any ingredients from China.

      Thanks for coming straight to the source. Please let us know if we can help with anything else!

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        Sharon – I went straight to the source too and Blue told me some supplements are sourced from China. Often manufacturers don’t consider vitamins and minerals as ‘ingredients’. So you might want to call them back and ask the country of origin of each vitamin and mineral used in their foods. Not the country the vitamin/mineral packs were made in (which could be US), but the actual country of origin of each vitamin and mineral. When I did this Blue Buffalo admitted some supplements are sourced from China.

        1. Peter

          Virtually all “bulk” vitamins used in pet food manufacture are sourced from China. US-based manufacturers contend that they have no choice, claiming China is the only place that makes “vitamins” and “supplements/minerals” in sufficient bulk. It’s really about cost in the global marketplace. Pet food manufacturers use “feed grade” vitamins/minerals. Effectively, China holds a monopoly for many of these commodities on that basis. Pet food manufacturers attempting to source from within the US, for example, would have to purchase “human grade” supplements. Not going to happen! This would suggest that virtually every manufactured pet food today would in fact have Chinese-sourced “ingredients.” The manufacturer can sidestep that designation if you ask them… but then why to they list the “vitamins” and “minerals” and “supplements” under “ingredients”?

    2. Casey

      This issue doesn’t take too much thinking to solve.

      I worked at a well-known pet store and blue buffalo has a money-back garauntee. You can return a bag of Blue literally empty and you get a refund if you didn’t like it.

      It’s not uncommon for people to fill up the bag with cheaper food and return it for money.

      1. Kathy

        Well, that makes no sense at all since these people were concerned about the actual change in the food. Why would they bother putting all this online if it was just about getting money back from the company illegally? Makes no sense. My cat got very, very sick on BB. I will never use this product again. As soon as I changed foods she improved immensely.

  2. Dorothy Sinkler

    How interesting that the response from the pet foot manufacturer “We don’t live in a perfect world.” Tell that to me who lost my beloved ShihTzu five years ago after eating Iams contaminated pet food from China, and tell that to the thousands of others who lost their beloved pets during the contaminated pet food.

    1. The Bosses Mom

      That remark was made by an uneducated rep. He should have lost his job. He could have called his Blue manager & and been more pro-active instead of such a smart mouth dunce.

      1. J. Ortiz

        He could have been a rep, but he also could have been a regional manager. I used to be a blue rep myself. If you happen to work the stores in an area where a pet expo is, you will work the expo that week instead of the stores. Usually for big events, the regional manager will drop in for a visit or even work it with you. This guy, whatever his job title, clearly didn’t handle the situation correctly. He probably didn’t want to admit that he knew nothing about the situaution, and clearly wanted to stay true to his job title, and “sell” you on how amazing blue is. The concerns that were being brought up were not something he deals with. Lawsuits, product recalls, packaging mistakes and such, are not even something the regional managers deal with.

  3. Luther

    This incident is foreign to Blue Bufdalo, they are and always have been a very reputable company.
    Did you contact The Blue Buffalo website and let them know of the incident?
    Blue cares about your cat / dog and has proven this throughout the years in providing a quality product for our pets.

    Please contact Blue thru their website to get the answers to questions you are asking, they will want the bag information to trace the origination point.

    I will stand behind Blue Buffalo, the food has made a world if difference for my pets. I am sorry this happened to you / your cat.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      As noted above – yes the pet owner notified Blue as well as Petsmart.

      1. joan

        Susan, Does Luther work for Blue? How can he say it is “foreign” to Blue?

        1. Luther

          Your suspicions are incorrect.
          “Luther” is a 75lb. PitBull, who mom is unemployed.
          Just a loyal customer. 🙂

        2. J. Ortiz

          As a former blue rep myself, he sounds like a rep to me.

      2. The Bosses Mom

        I copied this from the BB facebook page.
        Blue Buffalo – All-Natural Pet Food
        8 March
        Hi pet parents. Recently we have seen a rash of FB posts expressing concern about information you have read about Blue Buffalo on other web sites. Some of these other posts are on sites that claim to contain “independent” reviews of products. Some even have names that might be read to suggest the sites have official government functions. And the posts tell some very negative stories about Blue Buffalo. We have also read these posts, and we are very concerned, because of their total lack of accuracy with regard to the quality of BLUE food.

        They may claim that BLUE sources its meat from China. Absolutely false. Or that we get grains from China. Also false. Or that we have been sold to a “conglomerate”. Yep, you guessed, it: totally false…we’re an independent and family run company.

        Some of the posts tell distressing stories about pet illnesses, and describe BLUE’s alleged refusal to respond to inquiries about the pet illnesses. Nothing could be further from the truth. We take all claims about the integrity of our products very seriously. Every single claim that comes into our Customer Care Center, either by e-mail or telephone, is fully investigated. The medical records are reviewed by our veterinarians, our manufacturing records are pored over, to look for any indication that an error has occurred. And, we keep very detailed records of all claims. So we know when a post on another site matches up with a claim we have received at Customer Care. They almost never do. If the “consumers” who write these posts really do exist, the stories they tell have almost never been brought to us in a way that would allow us to investigate, verify, and respond to the claim. These claims are unsubstantiated, and we firmly believe that it’s their design because competition is not always friendly, and the web can be used to start rumors without the need for any support.

        The important thing to take away from all of this for you, as pet parents, is to be very suspicious of any of these “review” sites. And certainly do not rely on them for information about Blue Buffalo, or any product for that matter. If you want to know anything about Blue Buffalo or its products, please contact our Customer Care Team using the tab above or by calling 1-800-919-2833. Our Customer Care associates, who are employees of Blue Buffalo here in the United States, are there for you and will help resolve any issues you may have. The integrity of our products is the lifeblood of our brand, and the relationship of trust we have with you and all companion animals, and is something we will never compromise.

        1. debbie ciolli

          We have bought 2 large bags of Blue Buffalo Grain free for our 4 rescues 3 are chi’s and one terrier mix all small dogs. They have all gained weight and now one is not eating at all. We lost one of our rescues to Science Diet I am Positive last year and we do Not ever want to go thru THAT again losing a healthy pet to a tainted food…there is NO reglations on pet foods and that is what really upsets me. Angel would NOT be refusing to eat unless she really had an Issue with this food as she gets nothing else..this has to be because either the recipe has changed or the Ingredients listed are Not as they are “listed”…all have gained weight and yet this is Grain Free? Now one is Not eating at all and one has allergies for sure because her eyes have dark tear marks she’s Never had…we will be forced to switch…just wondering what to when no one can TRULY believe anyone when it comes to our OWN Human food let alone Pet food.

          1. Teresa Clark

            I realize this reply to you is several months later than your original post but I, too, am now concerned with Blue.

            My 2 danes have severe food allergies to a LOT of things. Until Blue Buffalo, they were on Eagle Pack, which was WONDERFUL, until one day, they simply stopped eating it. They, too, get nothing else to eat and they would go for 2 or 3 days without eating. I then heard about Blue Buffalo and immediately bought the big red bag of Wilderness Salmon. They LOVED IT, they had no untoward effects from it and that was almost 3 years ago. This week, January 2014, they BOTH have stopped eating it. My one dane takes her nose and constantly is trying to “cover it” while whining very loudly. They BOTH have stopped eating it. Period. SOMETHING has changed. Eagle Pack lied directly to me about changing the recipe and about 6 months after denying it, the truth came out that they HAD changed it. Blue Buffalo is telling me nothing has changed in their Wilderness Salmon. I wonder if they are lying too, now that I’ve read some posts here.

          2. Sonya

            Teresa, I wonder if the ingredients have not changed via the recipe, rathe the ingredients themselves. (not in anyway to exonerate Blue Buffalo more than just a thought) We are currently living with the consequences of two of the biggest environmental disasters of all time The Gulf Spill and Fukushima. I cannot imagine that the toxicities after three plus years of polluting the seas would not by now be reaching the food chain?

          3. carolyn nolen

            Regarding the great danes, do you feed only dry? If so, this could be a problem as they do not get enough oil from this diet. Try supplementing their food with fish oil or other omega oils. They could also be board with the same kibble all the time. Try some of the other flavors. Hope this helped.

    2. Janet Madarasz

      I have used Blue for several years now with my Pekes. When they had a “recall” several years ago, I called the home of Blue. I got the answers I needed and the CORRECT ups numbers. So much miss info on the net. As far as a rude Blue representative, I don’t think they would be happy with her.
      I too stand behind Blue.

    3. Doc_Brown

      I purchase Blue products for my cats and dogs. The cats and dog within the last month or two have been getting diarrhea. Today my dog refused to eat.

      There is definitely something up with the food. In particular, the canned dog food which I typically blend with kibble.

      1. De

        We used blue for around a year. During that time both our cats had the chronic diarrhea. One was even passing blood clots in her stool. After we found what appeared to be giant pieces of dog food mixed in our newly opened bag of indoor hairball, we contacted a blue buffalo representative. We were told the matter would be looked into and haven’t heard another word. Since, we have switched to another name brand and all our kitties pooping issues have been resolved. Blue buffalo was the worst, most expensive purchase we have made for our pets.

    4. Deb

      I have had the problem now for the last few days with Kibble…$50/bag and vet bill, with 5 dogs…

    5. J

      My cat got very ick and almost died from eating this food. I think there is a bad batch going around. Very dangerous and scary. Hope my cat pulls through.

    6. g.r.r.

      poppycock. I have contacted blue buffalo to make sure that they do not use ingredients from China.
      Where upon they assured me that the meat was not from China. When I asked if they used Chinese ingredients, they told me that they do and will continue to.

      I would NEVER trust Blue Buffalo. Personally, I get the feeling that it is another flim-flam.

  4. Nancy McGuire

    I used Blue Buffalo Wilderness for my cats and they got the runs and were losing weight. I changed them to Halo and the are thriving.

  5. Gina

    I would also caution that the folks at the booths are the sales and marketing team and probably have no idea about processing, food safety, or quality…hopefully the right people will have a real response for you shortly!

  6. Kat Gagliano

    I used Blue Buffalo after the Melamine disaster from China. My cats ate both the wet food and the dry food for almost 5 years and then stopped eating it. I suspected the formula had changed. 1st they stopped eating the wet food and I experimented with different flavors. Each time it was the same thing, they would eat a couple of cans and then just pick at it and leave it by the 3rd or 4th can. The never liked the vita-bits that were in Blue Buffalo dry and always ate around it. I switched to another wet food and then they just about stopped eating the dry. Now I have switched dry food too. I thought it was odd because I always read that cats don’t like food being switched and had no plans of switching a food they had done so well on for about 5 years. I am concerned after reading this article that they are really loosing their quality.

  7. Susan

    I had this very same thing happen with Newman’s Own dry dog food last year, in the beginning of 2012 . . . the kibble changed both color and size and consequently, my large German shepherd had problems with it. I wrote to them, sending samples from both of the bags and also the lot numbers, but didn’t receive an answer. We switched to Royal Canine German Shepherd blend, but it was made from chicken meal (not good) and it also stained his teeth an awful yellow color. Currently he’s eating Blue Buffalo large breed and seems to be doing okay. Hope this company isn’t getting goofy on us too!

    1. Taylor

      Want to set something straight here.

      “Chicken Meal” is a FANTASTIC ingredient, and is exactly what you WANT to see in your food.

      You’re thinking of “Chicken BY-PRODUCT Meal” which is all the crap you don’t want in your pet’s food.

      “Chicken Meal” as described by the AAFCO: ” The dry rendered product from a combination of clean flesh and skin with or without accompanying bone, derived from the parts of whole carcasses of chicken, exclusive of feathers, heads, feet, or entrails. ”
      It’s all that pure, honest-to-god meat that you want in your pet food, after it has been rendered and dried–meaning, after the water has been removed. (Bear in mind, like any other living creature, chickens are mostly made up of water. Dry kibble, on the other hand, isn’t. Hence–“dry” food.)

      I’m guessing Blue uses simply “Chicken” in their ingredients list, for you to have brought it up. I wouldn’t know–I have never used it and therefore haven’t read the ingredients. “Chicken” is the same thing as “Chicken Meal,” simply weighed before the water has been removed. Meaning “Chicken” should be moved much farther down the ingredients list than it is placed, considering it must be rendered and dried before being added to the food… After all, it is a “dry” kibble we’re talking about. (For that reason, it could be argued that “Chicken” is the worse ingredient here since it’s very deceptive in regards to telling consumers how much meat is actually in the food.)

      And, of course, all this goes for any other meat ingredient…

      Here’s some reading material for you:

      1. David

        I’m pretty sure Blue don’t use by-product, and those foods that have meat tend to be backed up with a corresponding meat meal, so the protein content should be sound.

        1. Taylor

          I am aware of both of these things. I was replying to an earlier comment, suggesting that chicken (or what have you) meal is a bad thing to see in dog food.
          At least, I think I was. My phone doesn’t want to be reasonable and display the whole conversation. Lol

  8. Shirley

    I know BB Freedom for dogs changed. When I first started it Ellie’s ears got better. Then after 6 months or so I noticed her ears were red and yucky again. I had heard BB was sold to P&G but couldn’t find any evidence.

    She is now on Fromm’s and doing wonderfully!

    I trusted my instinct even though my BF was leery of what I was telling. Trust the MOM LOL

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  10. KT

    While I never feed my cats or dog any Blue products, I always try to change the food manufacturer every new bag. I have a few I rotate through on a regular basis. I feel this gives me a little bit better chance should something be contaminated. At least they’ll only be eating a small bag’s worth that way. It’s like us changing our menu all of the time. I’m sure they like a little variety in their food and, since every manufacturer has different ingredients, it gives them some nutritional variety also.

  11. John

    Greetings… This is the very reason why we (myself and now 3 rescue pups)subscribe to your web site. You are the BEST! I immediately recognized the photo as Friskies cat food.
    It is a shame… I used to feed Blue and thought them to be a decent food manufacturer… I was disappointed with the reps attitude and responses to your questions Susan. I am grateful I now only feed what is on your “LIST.” I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it has made in the quality of life.
    Thank you again.

  12. Lauren

    She should be feeding a grain-free MOIST diet of either chicken or turkey or a Raw Chicken diet, such as Nature’s Variety or Bravo. Personally, I feed my cats Evo Ancestral Diet 95% Chicken and Turkey mixed with Nature’s Variety Raw Chicken. This has kept my cat, who is prone to struvite crystals, crystal free for 5 years now. No prescription diet needed.

    As for the attitude of the Blue Buffalo representative, I find it appalling and I will not ever purchase any Blue Buffalo product.

  13. Regina

    I use Blue Buffalo and have not had any problems with it. One thing I do check before I buy the bag, I make sure the bag has not been tampered with. Some stores are good about removing from the shelves any bags that have been torn.

    I’m quite paranoid about my pets’ foods because I think there is a lot of mis-information out there. I was in a store and a rep from another pet food company told me something about Blue Buffalo that I knew was NOT true. This man also said something about Avoderm that was not true, so there must be so much “competition” for the healthier pet foods that there might be some smear-campaigning going on. This also makes me wonder if someone might have gotten the bag of Blue and changed the food in it and put it back on the shelf to add to the negative stuff being said about Blue Buffalo.

    I’ve also heard vets calling Blue “the McDonalds of pet food” which I don’t understand because my pets improved greatly on Blue, and just looking at the ingredients listed, with no fillers, especially corn and wheat.

    I’ve heard people say Blue Buffalo was bought by Proctor and Gamble, but I think they are confused, because it was the makers of Innova and Evo that is now owned by P&G.

    I’m kinda new to this website/email list, so I don’t know if someone posts something that is incorrect/mistaken, is it corrected? (like the person who thought Blue was bought by P&G)

    I appreciate your attempts to get answers from everyone!

  14. Sam

    It doesn’t take much for some of y’all to stop buying a certain thing. Blue Buffalo has not changed their diets. They remain the top seller at petsmart nationwide. One person getting a wrongly packaged bag stops you from buying this food? Then you don’t want to know about ANY food! Blue is not going down in quality. If anything it’ll go up. The only thing changed recently is more eco friendly packaging. Dont believe everything you read. Until blue Buffalo makes a statement nothing is set in stone. Or wait until there’s more than one person reporting this. As you can see neither petsmart nor blue saw this as important. They hear random things like this every day. I’ll continue to feed this food and recommend it as its not changed and is still the highest quality and most balanced you can find.

    1. Kathy

      BB made my cat very, very sick. As soon as we changed her diet her health improved and she is perfect now. Dangerous stuff and I would not feed my pets this brand. Class Action Lawsuit means that many, many people were having issues. Bad stuff.

  15. Dr. Amy

    Something similar happened to me a long time ago when I fed kibble to my collie with cancer (I took her off raw due to the immunosuppression of chemo). Only in my case, there were both the expected food AND cat food “x”‘s. It was a different brand but it was also supposed to be grain free! I was not thrilled to find this!!!!!!!!!! Made me lose trust of the product. I have photos somewhere. This would have been fall 2007.
    Dr. Amy

  16. Diana B

    Back in 2007 or 2008 I found a fish-shaped kibble in a bag of Blue Wilderness. It was later identified by me as a piece of Dad’s cat food.
    Blue was notified and asked for the piece of food to ID it. Never did hear back from them.

    1. Diana B

      Dad’s makes a cat food with heart and x-shaped pieces.

    2. The Bosses Mom

      Ainsworth makes DAD’S & they are located in Dumas, AR & Meadeville, PA. Thats over 1000 miles from a Blue Buffalo manufacturing plant.

  17. Dragon77

    I would like to hear what the *PRESIDENT* of BB has to say about both the issue AND the callous response from his employees!!!

    Personally, I have switched to Champion/Orijen for both my dog & cat food, as the requirements in Canada are much more stringent.

  18. Flint-McCullough









    1. The Bosses Mom

      So Flint, you think you are Tony Soprano.
      There is food for cats with heart disease.
      When buying commercial food for a cat with HCM, look for brands that have high taurine (an organic acid) and low to no sodium. Most dry commercial foods are high in salt, so check labels carefully. Purina has a special formula for cats called Purina’s CV Cardiovascular for Cats; there’s also Hill’s prescription Diet Feline h/d. Both can help contribute to a low-salt diet.

      Read more: Diet for a Cat With Heart Disease |

  19. Diane

    Many years ago this happened to Natura. This was before they had their own plant and their packer put California Natural into Healthwise bags. We fed this at the kennel I managed and it was very noticable (kibble) and also in the sudden change in diet we had LOTS of diarrhea. We also had issues with random appearance of “other” brand cat food in the dog food etc… HOWEVER once provided with a sample Natura was RIGHT on the ball about it, VERY polite and concerned AND VERY shortly thereafter they built their very own plant and this has not happened since.
    Blue should take notes from them and follow suit!

  20. Sebs

    When I adopted my 2 cats they were on blue wilderness (supposedly) grain free & constantly would chew at themselves & shed like crazy!!! I quickly made the switch to orijen & wow what a huge difference!!! No chewing or shedding & no co packers!! I live in Canada & want to support our businesses & economy so am happy they do well on orijen (now acana grasslands for a change in protein). I will soon be making the switch to either Carnivora or pets 4 life raw.

  21. Holly

    We had something similar happen with Wellness cat cans recently – and were told it had to do with the plant that it came from, the midwest or the west coast plant, and there was nothing we could do about where we got supplied from. The cans from the new distributor were gloppy and looked honestly like puke and a lot of cats were throwing it up. I don’t know if there was anything “wrong” with the cans, but the product was a different consistency and it was not agreeable to many cats.

    1. Peter

      I have experienced many issues with canned cat food from several manufacturers suddenly changing in consistency, or, cans that were not filled. In many cases, this represents the “end run” of a particular brand or type of food, where the machines start to run “dry” (my words) or mix inconsistently. It can also happen when machines are not cleaned adequately between batches or when a “brand” is changed. This is what happens in the modern world of co-packing contract manufacturing. What it amounts to is “nobody cares” and the typical contempt for the end use consumer. When you are purveying cat food that is selling for $1.80 for a 5.5 oz. (tuna fish size) can, there is no excuse.

      It amazes me that there is a post or two here that admonishes this is all fuss about nothing. BB should be alarmed and show appropriate concern.

  22. Connie

    So glad I don’t feed Blue Buffalo then. I too have a kitty who develops crystals when he gets too many grains. I would have been angry at the the issue in general, but even angrier at the complete disregard the company has for a complaint by a customer. Customer service is very important to me, and if this is what they consider an appropriate reply to a serious concern I will have nothing to do with them ever.

  23. Kerry Foose

    I was educated many years ago from an Aafco rep that all pet food companies are legally allowed to change the formulas IN the bag as long as the nutritional requirements ON the bag are met. If someone wanted to change the ingredient list, they had 6 months to have new packing information labeled. So in other words, they were allowed to remain flexible in the ingredients based on the availability of commodities (grain and meat sources). This is why our pets will sometimes turn their nose up at a food they have been routinely eating or have digestive upset for no apparent reason. I personally feed much raw and scraps in addition to a dry ration of assorted feeds. Personally, I am not brand or variety loyal due to quality control concerns with every pet food company out there. Not one is immune from illegal or immoral practices….they all start out well, but the almighty buck soon prostitutes their integrity. Just my opinion of course…but this philosophy has served us well and has worked well for my working dogs for the last twenty years.

    1. HWright

      I agree with you. I have been feeding BB to my two dogs for years now and these last two cases have been different. Runny stools, some cans smell better than others, etc. The manufacturing process is the one we cannot get around. Money changes everything. I am switching for the moment to Abady as they have told me they manufacture their own ( I need to confirm they mean they make and package their own food at their own private facility)and will do raw/homemade as much as possible. Tired of the inconsistencies and changes with the pet food industry. They have us believing we cant create our own food at home and their is superior. It might be more convenient but I will take the time rather than subjecting my dogs to melamine, metal tab shards, wrong food,etc.

  24. Ashley

    Another reason I do not trust commerically made pet food. I have fed a raw diet for the past 3 years to my 4dogs and 5cats and they are thriving. I KNOW what they are eating. I will never feed kibble again.

    1. geri

      Sorry to be ignorant, but what exactly is a “raw food” diet? How would I go about this, does it completely meet the nutrition requirements?


      1. Susan Thixton Author

        A raw food diet is a raw meat diet – when purchased as a commercial pet food it is sold frozen. If it meets nutritional requirements, the packaging states “nutritionally complete” or something similar.

  25. Judi Perrin

    Wasn’t there a relationship proven between Blue Buffalo and hypocalcemia not too long ago? We purchased some cat food from this company and the cats wouldn’t touch it. So, we put it out for the birds and raccoons.(This was during the winter). It was left behind to rot. We found that very odd, to say the least.

    1. The Bosses Mom

      No, there was no relationship between Blue & hypocalcemia.

      (milk fever, eclampsia, puerperal tetany)

      General Information:

      Hypocalcemia (milk fever) occurs in female dogs of all breeds, but most frequently in smaller breeds. Females with a heavy milk production and a large litter of actively nursing puppies are most likely to be affected. The exact cause is unknown, but there appears to be an imbalance between calcium uptake from the digestive tract and calcium outflow in milk, bone, urine and feces. Because the level of calcium in the blood is reduced, replacement of calcium is essential. Without prompt treatment, the condition can be fatal.

      Milk fever may recur in later pregnancies. Your vet will gladly discuss prevention if you plan to breed your pet again.

      Treatment Information:

      Initial treatment consists of intravenous calcium until signs are relieved.
      On occasion, calcium supplements may be needed. Give all medication as directed.
      Diet: CAREFULLY follow your veterinarian’s instructions. But until you talk to your vet, feeding the normal diet is fine at this time.
      Care of puppies: If the puppies are two weeks or older, then they can be slowly introduced to soft food. It will not hurt the mother to allow them to nurse once the signs are alleviated.

  26. MARY m

    We feed our golden Blue. One time at Petco, the Blue (sales?)She told me that Blue is the only co. that packages their own and only their own product. Not like other co’s who run a batch of xx and then a batch of yy. hmmm.

  27. E A Maxson

    Their attitude sucks. Will never purchase the brand again.

  28. AZ Maria

    I certainly wouldn’t have stopped there. I would have gone directly to corporate heads and reported the incident. I would have demanded at the least a heart felt apology – not just – accidents happen.
    I am surprised at their apathetic response.
    I would have kept going till I reached the very top of the ladder. They need to put out a warning of some sort and a public apology.

  29. Jane Eagle

    This is why I feed raw made by myself or a small local supplier. There are a few (4) brands of kibble that I trust; but when buying processed foods, the consumer must ALWAYS be alert. For pets or humans!

  30. Janet

    Mary m-
    I think the Blue salesperson you talked to was either lying or just doesn’t know. I read that Blue has multiple plants. And I read somewhere that Diamond produces their food. Here’s a quote from a consumer complaint, the reply from Blue: “Their reply was something like that yes, it was possible that I noticed a change in what the kibble looked like because they were having multiple plants around the USA produce the kibble, but that all plants had to use the same formula.” And here’s a consumer affairs website that has comments about Blue having changed.

  31. Nic D

    Too weird to see this recent post about Blue Freedom. Several days ago I stopped feeding my cats Blue Freedom. I didn’t SEE a kibble change, per se. But over the past 4 months or so, one cat became itchy with back twitches and kept licking at himself (possible Feline Hyperesthesia?). I started digging through my receipts and found that I started them on Blue Freedom in October 2012, exactly 4 months ago! One theory is that it is allergies (fleas, food, pollen, etc.). My cats are indoor only and treated for fleas. I’m not saying that the food is causing the condition, but the time frame is just too much of a coincidence and I’m not taking a risk to continue feeding them Blue Freedom. I’m temporarily trying Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient Turkey to see if I can eliminate a possible allergen. I noticed that symptoms have subsided slightly, but we’ll see. Again, I’m not saying Blue Freedom is a bad food. I could just have a sensitive kitty.

  32. Kimi West

    I’m not sure I can comment in mixed company, in public print. But I guess that makes it pretty clear on it’s own.

  33. Debbie

    I no longer feed my dogs Blue Buffalo Lamb & Brown Rice since a year ago I found the same type of kibble in a bag I purchased from Pet Supermarket. The unknown kibble looked like cat food. I returned the bag for a full refund. I also emailed Blue Buffalo and they sent me a coupon for a free bag and also asked me to ship the “unknown kibble” to them with the codes on the bag so they could investigate. They sent me a prepaid envelope to ship the kibble in. I never heard anything about what they found in their investigation. Prior to this I purchased a bag and it didn’t have any of the “LifeSource Bits” in it, I returned that bag to the store. Tired of all the pet food recalls, I now feed my dogs RAW… I KNOW what’s in their food.

  34. Rhiannon

    I contacted Blue Buffalo last year to ask them if they made their own food or if they contracted it out – they told me they contracted it out to ten – yes ten!! different companies. How in the world can you have any quality control over your products if you let someone else make them for you, especially that many companies. More people need to learn the importance of buying only from pet food companies who make their food on their own premises by their own staff.

  35. Robert Hudson

    >>More people need to learn the importance of buying only from pet food companies who make their food on their own premises by their own staff.<<

    That would eliminate all but the very largest super market brands. The implications of this article being made just seem so overblown to me. Blue Buffalo is one of the good guys. In every pet health food community they are considered one of the best. in their detailed review and analysis of the product give it their highest rating. When people talk about how bad SD and Purina are, Blue Buffalo is the example given as to what the big brands should emulate.

    This incident was a mis-packaging that was done out of the control of Blue Buffalo. Big deal. Get over it

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      If a pet owner had a dog or cat that was allergic to or had severe sensitivities to an ingredient – and the wrong food was in the bag, this would be a very big deal. In fact, that was the case with this pet owner. I disagree – it is a big deal. Yes, we can guess it was done by a co-packer – out of the control of Blue Buffalo. But I have to say I felt their ‘no big deal’ attitude was inappropriate.

      1. Peter

        Yes, it is a monumentally big deal.

        “Mis-packaging” can not be accepted on any level. And co-packing arrangements should absolutely be within control of the parent company that the end-use consumer buys from. BB is indeed responsible for this mistake, and needs to deal with it appropriately. I doubt the explanation “mistakes happen” would be acceptable to the corporate heads of BB.

        If this was a jar of baby food… I doubt there would be the smallest shred of acceptance.

    2. Rhiannon

      That is not true. Many companies that aren’t large brands make their own dry food – Origen, Eagle Pack, Precise, Natura and Wysong just to name a few.

      In 2007, some of BB’s food was contaminated with rice protein which contained melamine. They blamed it on the company that was making it for them, that they included it without their permission. This could have been avoided had they made it themselves.

      In 2010, their dog food contained excessive vitamin D. They blamed it on the fact that the machinery of the company that made it – they said it was also used for making fish food which is high in vitamin D, so some must have been left over in the machinery! This could have been avoided again by making it themselves.

      If so many other companies can make thier own dry food, then why can’t Blue Buffalo? Probably because it’s cheaper that way, don’t have to buy the machinery.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Natura now is owned by Mars.

  36. JoAnn

    While I still feed Blue Buffalo Salmon/potato because my dog’s intestinal/allergy issues are safely maintained on it, I too have had occasional concerns with this very pricey food. First time I contacted them it was to tell them that I had gotten another large (30lb) bag with no Life Bits in it. The rep explained: “…sometimes when it gets to the end of the batch, the mix gets uneven…”. I responded “are you kidding me? For this kind of money you can just ‘blow it off’?” BB sent me a 5.00 coupon for my next purchase. I then took that bag back to Pet Smart and asked them to speak to their rep. Along the way I started finding some irregularities in the oil content to the point that oil was on my hands as though I had dipped them in oil. I.E.: ‘way to munch for my dog’s indigestion problems. This may have actually been during the Vit issues that I only later found out about. In any case, a PS staff mentioned that the 15 lb bags seemed more consistent. I started buying the smaller bags, and have found it so in the last 4-5 years, at least with oil content. Meanwhile, I ALWAYS buy another bag when I am about 50% empty, and I ALWAYS mix the half bag she is tolerating in with the new half bag, or it gives me time to return it if the Life Bits are missing (still find this problem on occasion). Bottom Line: the company is short on QA. I do, however, think that their original intent with the Life Bits was a good idea. I once had another shopper at PS tell me she buys a small bag and mixes it in with a more affordable food source. I thought that was a very good idea, and will consider it with a next, less sensitive dog.

    1. Peter

      You should strive to not mix bags and not expose the contents of dry foods to air as much as you can. This means that you should not “de-bag” your dry foods into a storage container. The reason is that it exposes the foods to air, and thereby can start the process of degradation of the ingredients (such as the vitamin content), decomposition & mold formation on any pre-existing bacteria. Bags that are compressed or “vaccum sealed” so that they are firm should be kept that way as much as you can. When you shake up the bags or overhandle them, you are just introducing more possibilities for degratation.

      The problems with “end of run” are many, and this is common with canned foods (I commented on that, earlier). This is something no consumer should tolerate. We are paying for a particular product. Its amazing that as consumers, we are expected to continue to accept variations in that product.

      1. JoAnn

        My point exactly about paying for high price foods without high price confidence. As far as “overhandling” or exposed to air: not an issue, but thanks.

    2. Rhiannon

      Couldn’t you find another food that is good for your sensitive dog? Quality control is very important and BB has none.

  37. Ariel W.

    That looks like Meow Mix. Been hearing a lot about dogs getting sick from eating Blue Buffalo lately – since they changed hands.

    1. The Bosses Mom

      Blue Buffalo has not changed hands. As a matter of fact they are building a manufacturing plant (400,000 sq ft ) in Joplin Mo. They started in Oct.

  38. Allura Adelson

    Not sure I believe this because this is entirely opposite of everything I know about Blue. They have not changed hands — they are still a family run company and all ingredients come from the US. Definitely NOT China. They respond very well to any complaints. I think this post is from someone paid by another pet food company which is not happy with Blue’s quality product and its success. This happens when a product is extremely successful. I’ve seen it with other great products, too. Consult Blue Buffalo before you make decisions.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Blue Buffalo told me very recently – “some vitamins/minerals sourced from “foreign suppliers that could include China”

      1. Peter

        As we’ve learned from this site, virtually all bulk vitamins used in pet food manufacture are sourced from China. Moreover, the metrics of modern agribusiness involves a myriad of international sourcing arrangements, even when that is not disclosed. So the end-use consumer has little information to go by, and little ability to discover, where ingredients come from. The complexities and persistently changing nature of international markets mean that the “search for a deal” (called “lowest cost mix”) will constantly change. Opportunities for abuse abound, and multiply daily. We’ve seen this in the adulteration of ingredients many times. We “ask” the “manufacturer” questions. But the “manufacturers” themselves don’t really manufacture anyway, they contract with co-packers. So we really aren’t asking the manufacturer, are we? They should have absolute responsibility for control of the final product they sell to us. But we’ve seen that they often don’t. And in this case, it appears (as usual) that they “company representatives” are largely uninformed and worse, not concerned with the problems involved in this process. I cannot imagine that I would consult with a manufacturer… why would I? They cannot be trusted to impart useful or accurate information. And the dismissive attitude in this instance, is something that BB should have dealt with very aggressively.

        Profit objectives control the relationships between the “manufacturer” and the consumer. In many ways, it is an adversarial relationship. Today, prices for commodities used in pet food manufacture are rising. Many brands, including the so-called “premium” ones, have changed formulations and are seeking ways to cut costs. The consumer is lost at sea, trying to survive these changes. We realize that we are unwitting participants in a war, pitted against companies that we support with our purchases.

      2. The Bosses mom

        A main ingredient in Tamiflu is also from China.

      3. The Bosses mom

        I found this on It’s from 2008 but still a good starting point.
        Here’s a list of medicines made in China.
        The brand name equivalent or brand name that the drugs is sold as, is in parentheses.

        Aciclovir – (Zovirax) – antiviral drug
        Advair – asthma medicine
        Adrenaline Hcl – treatment for cardiac arrest
        Albendazole – treatment for worms
        Alfuzosin – (Uroxatral) treatment for enlarged prostate
        Allopurinol – gout treatment
        Alprazolam – (Xanax) – treatment for anxiety disorders
        Amikacin sulfate – treatment for bacterial infections
        Aminophyline -treatment for cerebral ischemia
        Amiodarone Hydrochloride -treatment for irregular heartbeat
        Amlodipine – treats high blood pressure & angina
        Ampicillin – antibiotic
        Amodiaquine – treatment of malaria
        Amoxicillin – antibiotic
        Aniracetam – (Draganon, Sarpul, Ampamet) a congnition enhancer
        Artemether – treats drug resistant malaria
        Artesunate – malaria treatment
        Aspirin – anti-inflammatory painkiller
        Artemether – treats malaria
        Atenolol – high blood pressure medicine
        Atropine – antidote against nerve agents
        Avandia – (Avandia) treatment of diabetes
        Budesonide – (Entocort) treatment of allergy & asthma
        Bupropion (Wellbutrin) antidepressant
        Calcifediol – treats vitamin D deficiency
        Candesartan – (Blopress, Atacand, Amias, Ratacand) treats hypertension
        Captopril – (Capoten, Inhibace) treatment for hypertension & congestive heart failure
        Carbamazepine – treatment of epilepsy, ADD & ADHD
        Carnosine – treatment for autism
        Cefixime – antibiotic
        Cefotaxime – (Claforan) antibiotic
        Cefsulodin – also, cephalosporin – antibiotic
        Cephealexin – (Keflex, Keftab) – antibiotic
        Chloramphenicol – antibiotic
        Chlorpheniramine Maleate – (Chlor-Trimeton, Piriton) Antihistamine
        Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride
        Chloroquine Phosphate – treatment of malaria
        Cilexetil – (Atacand) treats high blood pressure
        Cilostazole – (Pletal) treats peripheral vascular disease
        Cimetidine – (Tagamet) – heartburn treatment
        Ciprofloxacine – (Cipro) – antibiotic & one of two effective treatments for anthrax exposure
        Clomiphene Citrate – (Clomid, Serophene, Milophene) infertility treatment
        Clopidogrel Bisulfate – (Plavix) treats coronary artery disease
        Co-trimoxazole – (Septrin, Bactrim) antibiotic
        Cloxacillin – antibiotic
        Coreg – (Coreg) beta blocker that treats congestive heart failure
        Cromoglicate – treats allergies and asthma
        Cyclosporine – immunosuppressive drug
        Cytisine – (Tabex) smoking cessation drug
        Dexamethasone Acetate – anti-inflammatory steroid
        Diclofenac Sodium – (Flector patch/Voltaren) – anti-imflammatory painkiller used to treat arthritis, acute injury and menstrual pain
        Diosmin – hemorrhoid treatment
        Diphenhydramine hydrochloride – (Benadryl) antihistimine
        Doxycycline Hcl – (Vibramycin) – antibiotic
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        Enoxacin – (Enroxil, Penetrex) antibiotic
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        Flucloxacillin – (Flopen, Floxapen) antibiotic
        Fluconazole – (Diflucan, Trican) antifungal drug
        Furosemide – (Lasix) diuretic for treating congestive heart failure
        Frusemide – diuretic used to treat heart failure & edema
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        Glibenclamide (Diabeta, Flynase, Micronase) anti-diabetic drug
        Gliclazide – diabetes treatment
        Griseofulvin – antifungal drug
        Glyceryl Trinitrate – treatment of angina & heart disease
        Hydrochlorothiazide – (Aquazide H, Dichlotride, Microzide, Oretic) diuretic
        Human growth hormone – treatment of growth failure in children
        Ibuprofen – anti-inflammatory painkiller
        Imitrex – (Imatrex) migraine medicine
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        Ketoconazole – (Nizoral) antifungal drug
        Lincomycine – antibiotic
        Lamictal – treatment for epilepsy & bipolar disorder
        Letrozole – treatment of breast cancerLipitor – (Lipitor) lowers cholesteral
        Loratadine (Claritin, Lomilan, Clarinase, Alavert, AllergyX) antihistamine
        Lovastatin- lowers cholesteral
        Lumefantrine – treatment of malaria
        Mebendazole – (Ovex, Vermox, Antiox, Pripsen) treatment for worms
        Mefenamic Acid – (Ponstel, Ponstan) non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory painkiller
        Meloxicam – (Mobic) non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory painkiller
        Metamizole sodium (Analgin, Dipyrone, Novalgin) painkiller, fever-reducer
        Methyldopa – (Aldomet, Dopamet, Novomedopa) antihypertension drug
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        Norfloxacin – antibiotic
        Ofloxacin – (Floxin) antibiotic
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        Orlistat – (Xenical) – obesity treatment
        Oxandrolone – Synthetic anabolic steroid
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        Oxymetholone – Synthetic anabolic steroid
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        Paracetamol – also, acetaminophen – painkiller
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        Prednisone – steroid
        Promethazine Hydrochloride – (Phenergan, Romergan, Fargan, Avomine) antihistamine
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        Pyrimethamine – (Daraprim) antimalarial drug
        Propecia – (Propecia) for prostate enlargement and hair loss
        Quinine – malaria treatment
        Ramipril – used to treat hypertension and congestive heart failure
        Ranitidine Hydrochloride – (Zantac) antacid
        Ribavirin – (Copegus, Rebetol, Ribashere, Vilona, Virazole) anti-viral drug
        Rifampicin+Isoniazid – malaria treatment
        Ribavirin – (Copegus, Rebetol, Ribashere) antivirual drug
        Rifampicin – antibiotic
        Salbutamol – asthma, copd
        Sibutramine – (Meridia) obesity treatment
        Spironolactone – (Aldactone, Novo-Spiroton, Verospiron, Berlactone) diuretic
        Streptomycin – antibiotic
        Sucralfate – (Carafate) – treats ulcers & acid reflux disease
        Sulfadiazine – antibiotic
        Sulfamethoxazole – antibiotic
        Sulfadoxine&Pyrimethamine – treatment for malaria
        Sulpiride – (Meresa, Sulpirid Ratiopharm) treatment of schizophrenia
        Tamoxifen – breast cancer treatment
        Tinidazole – (Tindamax, Fasigyn) anti-parasitic drug
        Trandolapril – treatment of high blood pressure
        Trimethoprim – antibiotic
        Valaciclovir – (Valtrex) antiviral drug

  39. steph gas

    to everyone thinking this is an isolated incident, check the 208 (as of writing this comment) complaints about blue buffalo. is it normal to have complaints? yes – you can’t please all of the people all of the time. but so many of these complaints are concentrated over the past few months.

    i switched to blue almost two years ago after losing a cat to kidney failure. i wanted to feed my remaining three cats good stuff without going raw (i have my own personal reasons for that). i seemed to find a decent mix with blue buffalo kibble and wellness canned. however, this last bag smelled different and i’ve been having problems getting them all to eat. needless to say, i’ll be replacing what’s left of my blue.

  40. Steve Heck

    I know a little something about Blue Buffalo pet food and feed it to my 2 cats and 1 dog. They are as regular as you could want. They love the food and are healthy and their coats carry a sheen. There may have been an error at the manufacturing facility since we live in an imperfect world. I regognize that and can easily look past it and maybe the nay sayers out there should too.

  41. Carol Matthews

    Blue Buffalo’s attitude concerns me as much as the “mistake”. Very troubling when you pay as much as you do for a bag of Blue Buffalo. I was considering using it, but have changed my mind now. You better start caring BB!

  42. The Bosses Mom

    Fancy Feast is made by Purina & has nothing to do with Blue. It would be impossible for Fancy Feast to have been put in a Blue bag as the manufacturing plants are different.
    Hard to believe the rep was rude since I’ve called a couple of times with questions & they were great.

  43. Larissa Watt

    Since Buffalo is of higher quality my cats eat less and use the bathroom less which is great..

    Best of all, my Cat Garfield had runny and loose stool for 2 years with different diagnoses. The last vet said he had irritable bowel and to try a prescription diet. The food didn’t help.

    Since switching to Buffalo Garfield’s stool is way less runny and I no longer see blood.

    Recently I started giving kitty’s Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) from Alternative Animal site b/c he had tape worms and meds didn’t solve the problem..(I mix it with their food). This has made a major difference. He even goes in the litterpan on a regular basis. In the past he’d go in the bathtub almost daily–It was disgusting–runny, bloody diarrhea..

    Very happy with Buffalo and the earth stuff..If you decide to use it I’d mix a little wet with it so the cats will be more likely to eat it.

    Bottom Line: Buffalo is awesome..anytime I’ve tried to give them something cheaper when I run out they try to starve themselves b/c they’d rather have the good stuff!

  44. Andrew

    How can I be the only one seeing the most likely answer to this “kibble-Change” problem?? These are brands that cost more than fancy feast and others. I know from experience with blue at least, they will exchange a bag if my dogs don’t like it for another type. How hard is it to buy a bag of both and switch them out, only to return the more expensive food a day or 2 later?? I think maybe we need to seek the likely answer and not go fishing. YES I am a sales rep for blue and YES I have witnessed this 1st hand when the 2nd food on their receipt appeared identical to the mystery kibble in the blue bag. If a PetsMart or Petco, etc employee didn’t take the time to look in the returned bag before sealing it up and putting a 50% off sticker on for an opened item, that can’t reasonably be put on the manufacturer of the food.

    1. The Bosses Mom

      I have thought the same thing. A customer has both & brings back the Blue bag with the inferior cheap food and gets reimbursed an extra $10.
      In retail things like this are common place. You can buy a tag gun and put a tag from expensive clothing on cheap things & return it & make money since the salesperson scans the tag for the price. They normally would take the product to a different department and to a salesperson not familiar with what is there. In bedding they buy a cheap comforter & put it in the packaging of an expensive one. They can easily make $100 or more.

      1. Stephanie Erwin

        The problem with this theory is what pet store would perfectly seal and reshelve an open, returned product? None. I’m sure people do this switch to get money, but the food would be returned to the manufacturer or simply thrown out and claimed to the manufacturer. Blue Buffalo had done what Iams and many other companies have done – sold out, cheapened their product and is trying to pull the wool over their customers eyes. Shame.

        1. Stephanie Erwin

          Oh, yeah- I’ve worked in retail for over 20 years and am very familiar with the procedure for returned/defective products.

        2. The Bosses Mom

          NO THEY HAVE NOT.

          1. J. Ortiz

            I think anybody could easily switch out blues cat food and replace it with a cheap brand. Petsmart, has a no ask policy when it comes to returning dry food. U can practically bring a half empty bag back for return, and they will refund your money. Plus the small bags of blue cat and dog food, are rolled and glued closed. When I was a blue rep, they would pop open all the time. I would place them in the back so the store could claim them. However, could u not open the bag carefully, fill the bag with any food, hot glue it and return it for cash? It seems like a lot of work, but since blues small/medium sized bags start at $8-$12, seems like someone would do this so their pet would get a better quality food, for $4 friskies or lower quality price.

    2. Kathy

      Sorry don’t buy this argument. No store should be selling open bags of food and why would they purchase the food that they were going to use to replace BB and have it on the same receipt? Doesn’t make sense. If they were going to go to all that trouble, surely they are smart enough to buy the second bag at a different store. My cat got very sick on BB and I will never use this product for any pet.

  45. Dorothy

    I thought the remarks “We don’t live in a perfect world” ascribed to the manufacturers of this food rather callous. And for their information, of course we don’t. I learned that the most heartbreaking day of my life when I fed my beloved ShihTzu Iams dog food and she died an agonizing death of acute kidney failure after eating Iams. Now I cannot even go in the aisle where Iams is sold, although now I understand it is no longer made in China. Our dogs are our “children” and those who sell dog food need to understand that when we purchase food for our animals we expect it to be perfect. The person who made this remark should issue an apology and in the future make sure his/her remarks are appropriate before opening their mouths and issuing such a STUPID remark.

  46. Kae

    I don’t have a cat but a dog. I love the BB formula, but my puppy had stomach sensitivities to it. Diarrhea and bad gas for weeks and weeks. The vet kept thinking it was a bacterial infection, but after going back every other week I wanted a second opinion. New vet diagnosed puppy with stomach issues – GI problems. One day switched over to a new food specially made for issues like this … he’s good as new. He’s happier, not biting and whining. I’m also giving him yogurt and he’s on a probiotic. I like that BB is grain free – but it wasn’t the right choice for my puppy.

  47. Peter

    I just started with Blue Buffolo cat food…………. It has an appetite suppressant. My 12-year-old-cat is a food craver; he will eat anything and often.

    I was surprised and uneasy about the fact that these kibbles are very small. I WOULD THINK THAT A DIET TYPE DRY FOOD WOULD HAVE LARGE KIBBLES, SIMILAR TO THE SIZE OF ‘TD DENTAL CONTROL FOOD’
    Small kibbles can be eaten much more easily and some cats tend to swallow them before chewing them very much. They swell up in their stomachs and then they often throw them up.

    I watched a video on TV that showed why TD Dental Control food has a very large kibble. This is because it takes the cat longer to each kibble and the act of chewing it for a longer time cleans their teeth by the friction.

    Therefore, it is strange that when Science Diet introduced Science Diet Light food, they made the kibbles much smaller. My cats started to get fatter on the Light version and this did not happen that much with the Normal Science Diet Light cat food that had larger kibbles.

    The size of the kibble is a big factor regarding weight gain for cats. The larger the kibble, the more the cat has to chew it before it can swallow it. The cats consume less food this way then with smaller kibbles.

    What is the best food for a large, food craving, 12-year-old-cat with allergies we haven’t been able to determine with testing?
    Suddenly, this cat, and two others that I feed from the same feeder, are suffering from diarrhea that won’t stop. They don’t bury their droppings any more. And they no longer like the tiny spoonful of wet food I give each of them in the morning and before bedtime. I do this so they won’t be completely converted to dry food digestively.

    The biggest problem is that my large cat has gone from 14 pounds to 16 pound in just a few months? I got the Blue Buffolo appetite suppressant food because it was supposed to keep them from over-eating. Now, all three of them eat all the time from the feeder. For years earlier, they would eat sensibly.

    Please advise, Peter

    1. The Bosses Mom

      Peter, there is no appetite suppressant in Blue Buffalo. It is lower in fat & calories. You may be feeding too much as the food has no filler like corn, wheat, soy, beet pulp etc. Try cutting down on the amount. You can also call or write to Blue for help. I have called them & got the help I needed.

    2. Peter

      What is “appetite suppressant” pet food?

      You need to learn about calorie counts in pet foods, not rely on diet formulations. Many diet formulations in fact are higher in calories (and carbohydrates) than other “regular” foods. The designation as “diet” may only be in relation to another of the manufacturer’s own line. Often that is achieved by simply substituting a digestible fiber for some of the ingredients, commonly cellulose (wood pulp or more accurately, sawdust). The cat “feels full” eating this (often lousy) food. Many vet distributed (i.e.. “medical”) formulas are terrible foods, if you learn to read the labels.

      You many not realize the difference in so-called “regular” foods. A check in our cupboard reveals a more than 30% difference in calorie count. If it is not listed on the label, call and get the information.

      If a cat is hungry, he is going to eat as much food as is available. He would not be influenced by the size or shape of the kibble. Those sorts of factors are important in slowing down fast eaters (such as dogs who gobble), not weight issues. Neither does shattered (chewed, if you like) dry food magically abrade precisely along the gumline where tartar accumulates.

      There are many things you can do to help your cat. A diet of almost exclusively dry food, however, is not one of them.

  48. Jenny

    I switched my chi to BB after his terrible experience with Beneful, but now that I’m seeing this and his decrease in appetite, honestly, it gives me the chills… The first bag of BB I bought was the small bag but when he ran out I bought him the bigger bags and noticed the color and size difference which I thought were to be normal but I guess not… If anyone would be so kind, would you please suggest me a healthy(ier) brand than BB? Thank bayou so much!! I don’t ever want to even imagine losing my precious baby to such horrible manufacturers.

    1. Susan

      After a lot of research, I switched over to Merrick and both of my pups are fine now (Bud – German Shepherd – was itching like crazy and Molly – Husky – had a messed up nose again). I order it from as it’s much cheaper than Petco – the only other local that carries it around here and it’s also cheaper than BB. Merrick is five star and makes its own food with wholesome ingredients. Hope this helps!

      1. Peter

        I have been a loyal fan of Merrick for 7 years. That has changed. Merrick is/has reformulated its products and the change is not welcome. The consistency of many “flavors” is much like vomit, and I am embarrassed to feed it to my cats. The prices have risen 15%, while the ingredients have changed, and suddenly some formulas include questionable ingredients such as “cellulose” (wood pulp/sawdust) which I certainly don’t consider “premium.” Nor is a high water content a sign of improvement, and I’m not interested in paying for water. My cats would not eat several of the “new” formulas (even those with the same names), and that is a clear sign of decline. I’ve also liked Merrick because the calorie content is generally low, but that too, has changed, most flavors have gone up 10%, which is significant to those executing weight maintenance. I feel betrayed by Merrick, and that they maintain this is all in the name of improvement, and have stopped buying, permanently. I’m not going to pay an increased price for an inferior product.

        1. Jenny

          Oh my… I’m so sorry :/ but these days it just feels like we can’t even trust any of these companies anymore due to the problematic ingredients and responses from our precious companions… I don’t even know what I’m suppose to give my chi anymore to be honest…

          1. Susan

            FYI, it has been quite a journey with both of my dogs (German Shepherd, Buddy, has had the most problems). I started with Wellness, which worked fine for Molly (Alaskan Husky) before Bud arrived. In efforts to save some cash (wrong decision), I switched to Fosters & Smith which worked except for the lamb kibble (itching started – goodbye lamb products). I then did another downgrade to Kirkland kibble (Costco) and the problems really started. Come to find out, Kirkland brand dog food is made in the same factory as BB, ugh. Bud was a stray that my son found and brought home so I have no idea what his history is, then the real digestive issues started. We have migrated through Newman’s (supposed to be organic, kibble visibly changed, wrote a letter and got no response), moved on to Solid Gold for German Shepherds which was okay but the kibble is quite large and left nasty, ugly yellow stains on their teeth (turkey meal prime ingredient, brushing didn’t help), BB which took us back to the same problems as the Costco stuff and then on to Merrick which is working well for both dogs. If I make another move, it will be back to Wellness, but from what I’m reading, the whole industry is a problem: seems to be constantly changing – enough is enough – I plan to start making some of my own dog food this winter when the weather cools down, I think it will be cheaper too; thankfully I am retired and have the time as well.

  49. Kathy McClain

    I’ve had trouble with Blue on two different occasions. I think they have a problem with the quality control at their manufacturer. Both times it was the Fish and Sweet Potato.

  50. Bob

    When my two brother Rhodesian Ridge backs first arrived in 2009, I was using Blue and it was horrible, made them sick!

    Even though I gave them side dishes of healthy whole clean food, the blue was awful. P and G could never be reached on the phone when I did get some she was a gate keeper answering the phone.

    The dog food business is a very dirty and big business.

    Fromms Family is what I use since I stopped torturing my pals for three months!

    Fromms is eaten even when they get lamb rare cooked, or fresh game.

    There are IMO about six healthy safe dog foods.

    The Vet center where I take my pals is great for stitches cuts etc., but they sell lousy dog food too.

    Blue is IMO a bunch of rats!

    1. Teresa Clark

      Well, I can’t HELP but add my 2 cents to this. I have 2 danes, 2 “allergic to absolutely everything” danes. 9 and 11 years old. They began eating Eagle Pack as pups. Did excellent. Until one day they just stopped eating it. They would sniff it and walk away and about an hour later beg me for something to eat. BOTH of them. I contacted Eagle Pack, they assured me they had not changed a thing. A few months after that, I found out they DID change something in the preservatives. I tried several different foods for about a year and then decided on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon. LOVED IT. Did even better on it because of the good fish in it. It even smelled good to ME when mixing it with water. It’s been about 4 years and about 6 months ago, same thing. Both of them, at the same time, STOPPED eating it. Now…it’s not rocket science. SOMETHING has changed in it. They say no. I know different. They won’t even eat it if I put warm gravy on it and they LOVE gravy. I’ve gone to Wellness Grain Free CORE. They aren’t fond of it but they are eating it. I wish they would just stop lying!!

      1. Peter

        Pet food manufacturers change formulas as they search global markets because of continually fluctuating prices in raw materials. Labels don’t even need to be changed for 6 months, so you cannot absolutely rely on what is printed on the can, anyway. When you contact company, the “reps” you will speak to are often undereducated and poorly trained, or, you can recognize that they are commonly instructed to read from scripts: try a “real” question that can’t be given a simplistic answer, and you will generally “stump” them. Those scripts may be out of date, as well. You cannot rely on the answers you get when you phone the customer service lines of any pet food manufacturer, and you really shouldn’t.

  51. dan

    Just don’t buy a food that is co-packed.
    Fromm is family owned since 1904 and have never had a recall and it’s affordable. Less expensive than BB.
    Merrick is excellent, especially for large dogs.
    Champion Pet Foods probably has the cleanest ingredients. But it is high in protein and that can be an issue for some. And it’s really expensive.
    I don’t trust foods that co-pack or if they won’t tell you where they source their ingredients.

  52. Howdy Doody

    When it comes to trolls they will appear to defend a dog food if Canines were dropping like flies from it.

    As for Fromm’s it has been excellent, and they eat even though they get fresh local raised meat with greens, and Fromm’s did not make me sick when I tried it. IMO most dog foods if you tried them the E.R. would be seeing you.

    Fromms and a hand full dog food are okay.

    By the way using a” littl”e a baking soda on a good brush has not bothered my dogs in any way negative for years now, and they are out door rough and ready hounds.

  53. Ruth S

    I have a Bengal I was feeding Blue. Got a new bag, the color was a little different, but I put it down. She refused to eat it. Pet Smart gave me my money back, and I haven’t bought it since.

  54. […] the dried fruits are avoidable. Like the brand named ones and fruits. Culinate welcomes comments. I threw it out and cooked and better than name brand named ones and the pineapples they have to draw the line […]

  55. George

    I was feeding my terrier BB for several years after having switched off from another food that had bad press and finally a recall. At least that company took the initiative to make things right. I have stopped using BB when I was advised there were issues with the current product. I will not take a chance with my dog.

    If you read the complaints on the Consumeraffairs site (see below) regarding Blue Buffalo food and then look up the symptoms for arsenic poisoning you will see they are identical. Over 700 postings are there and the vast majority are reports of severe sickness after either starting their pet on Blue Buffalo or opening a new bag of the same food they have been using for some time.

    Clearly there has to be something to all these complaints. Why is BB not addressing them? Why are they not asking the customers return the suspected product so it can be tested?


  56. Michelle

    So, I have a 5 year old male rotty/shep mix. Took him to Vet for check up recent minor surgery.I was concerned cause he had lost weight ( without trying). but Vet was happy with his weight since he had been overweight and we did work on bringing him down from 142 to 125-127 lbs. He was 122.98. Vet said well he’s a big boy a good poop could be 3 lbs. I just listened, but in the back of my head it didn’t sit right with me. in the meantime I did notice that he wasn’t as excited to eat actually quite apprehensive which is very unusual, but still displaying that he was hungry. He became lethargic and again I thought well maybe it’s the meds and antibiotics from the surgery. Although again in my gut feeling something was “OFF” about my lively, loving furbaby. I opened a new bag of BB chicken & rice healthy weight large breed & canned food that I only mix a little in with the dry kibble. I had noticed he started having loser stool and thought that was odd since they have been so solid even after the surgery. Well 3 days after his post surgery visit he became violently ill foaming at the mouth and salivating like a rabid St. Bernard. We got him settled in the house for the night and I slept with him cause I was so worried he was gonna throw up again. He slept through the night and seemed better in the morning. We Went for our morning walk after I fed him only 1 cup of kibble and a little wet. He did seem lethargic and thankfully we can take him to work with us so I could watch him all day. I fed him just about a 1/4 cup kibble rice & wet food a few hours later. In the mean time I called the vet and talk to Dr. he said just watch him and if he throws up again just bring him in. Well, I noticed he was salivating bad again and decided to take him home thinking he was holding his vomit til we got home in his own backyard. I got him in the car & he vomited in the back seat of the car. I immediately drove to the vet. They did an exam on him and everything was fine, and they said he probably just had a gastrointestinal upset. and sent me home with special wet food to feed him that was easily digestible, and a shot to stop the vomit, and gave him fluids. I asked the vet well if he is sick isn’t better to let him vomit to get whatever it is out of his system. He said yes and no. The no being it’s very hard on them throwing up. We went over all the possibilities of poisons, etc, that he may have gotten into. Even the Vet said he was surprised because I watch him like a hawk & don’t let him smell to much while walking, and always very cautious with him. That night was the worst. He stayed in the yard for 5 hours salivating and I really freaked out when he started digging in the grass almost frantically and burying his face in the ground!! My dog was digging his own grave!!! I was flipping out. so 5 hours of not leaving his side I finally got him in the house and again slept with him all night, He finally ate at 5 am, and again at 8 am. I have only been giving him the food from the vet, chicken & rice I made. Everyday he seems a little better, but still very lethargic. He is not drinking a lot of water, so I am feeding him ice cubes. He is going #1 & #2 now. It has been 72 hours since this started and I have been literally beating myself up and racking my brain to think back on what could have happened what could he have gotten into when I turned my head for a second?? was it the new squeaky balls I just got him were they contaminated?? what could it be? Then I sitting on the couch tonight & It popped into my head HIS FOOD what if it’s his food? How could it be he has been on BB strictly for 4 years now with never an issue! So, I do a BB recall search and this site pops up & I start reading all the same stories, symptoms, and reading the same shock & disbelief that it really can be the BB that is harming all of our beloved furbabies!. I am appalled that BB has not come forward thus far and done a voluntary recall.. I am not taking any chances I am not feeding him anymore & switching brands now!! And yes, I will be contacting BB direct, and yes I will be taking my baby to Vet in the morning for blood work just to make sure no serious damage has happened! 🙁

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