Grieving pet treat consumers have a settlement for the Chinese jerky treat illnesses and deaths linked to two major importers; Waggin Train (Purina) and Milo’s Kitchen. I would assume this has to be a bittersweet victory to the Plaintiffs.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines bittersweet as: “pleasure alloyed with pain.”

The Chinese jerky treat consumers know pain very well. They have not only suffered through the death or serious illness of their dogs – both emotionally and financially, they have suffered years of dismissal from treat importers and retailers, and have been almost abandoned by regulatory authorities. No importer/manufacturer would accept responsibility of thousands of pet deaths and illnesses and no retailer or regulatory authority would do anything to stop more pets from getting sick or dying. This kind of rejection, on top of the death or illness of their pet, can be devastating.

But there are few more determined than a pet owner scorned. This is what industry most often fails to recognize in the pet food consumer. Harm my family…I’ll never give up. I will go to my grave educating others to the hard lessons a pet treat or food has taught me.

The plaintiffs – the jerky treat consumers – didn’t give up. Despite seven years of FDA investigation never naming the cause of thousands of pet deaths, determined pet owners won a settlement. They won a $6.5 million fund that will compensate dog owners for veterinary costs, burial expenses and health checks for surviving pets. They won quality control requirements from Purina (something I’ve never seen before in a settlement) including ongoing testing of treats manufactured in China. And they won clear labeling requirements – Made in China – from Purina.

The companies did not admit to any wrongdoing.

My congratulations to all pet owners involved in this jerky treat settlement. You fought a very challenging battle against incredible odds. My condolences to all pet owners involved in this jerky treat settlement. How heartbreaking it must be for Waggin Train and Milo’s Kitchen to accept no responsibility in your pet’s death or illness.

Click Here to read the NBC News report on the settlement.

Click Here to read the court papers.

One last thought…To manufacturers or importers of a food or treat that sickens or kills pets, when a settlement is reached, to them it’s over, it’s ‘settled’. But to a pet food/treat consumer, it’s never over. It’s never settled. Waggin Train and Milo’s Kitchen – you might think it’s settled, but…


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