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…Bad FDA

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  1. Mr. Beaujangles

    This would be funny if it wasn’t sad. Raw meat contains “bad” stuff. No kidding! Perhaps the FDA should address the issue of why which might to do with the s***t we feed our “food” animals and the many chemicals we inject, spray and feed them! Oh wait… that would hurt Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Food… can’t have that for who then financially support (beyond the 2-leggeds’ tax dollars) the FDA? Things that make us 4-leggeds go “hmmmm”.

    Interesting (sad) that the FDA picks on moldy foods but allows moldy ingredients in pet “foods.” Sigh. We 4-leggeds used to be baffled, but my 2-legged set us straight… follow the money trail.

    1. Lois Burton

      Yes, i do a gentle cooked that is awesome.

  2. Therese

    I’m flabbergasted. Our most recent shelter dog itched 24/7/365. The itching was so bad it kept us up at night. She sprouted hot spots regularly. I can not even imagine how horrible it must have been for her. She suffered from constant digestive upset. After doing my research, we switched to a raw diet and the itching stopped, the digestive issues ended, her coat filled in and grew softer, the color of her coat grew deeper, some of her behavioral issues evaporated. There is absolutely no way I would return her to a commercial kibble diet. In her case, that would be considered abuse.

  3. Ingrid Lipscomb

    I there a way I can contact the very dumb Vet? I wonder how much the pet industry paid her for this article.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      She is an FDA employee – her direct contact information can be found in the FDA employee database.

    2. john

      According to the comedian Ron White, you cant fix stupid… or in the case of this VET some one who is paid for by the Dog Food Lobbyist Group…

  4. T Allen

    LOL! Great video clip! Another excellent, concise easily understood article. The FDA’s point on the dangers of raw meat should be heeded by everyone but that doesn’t mean that people with the proper education and skills shouldn’t feed raw. 70% of all shell eggs in the store contain salmonella, why don’t they warn against eggs? I’ll bet 70% of all turkey and chicken in the store is contaminated with salmonella as well. I will never feed chicken or turkey unless I have partially cooked it to kill the bacteria on the outside before feeding it to my cat or dog. The second meal of raw chicken I ever fed to my cat years ago gave her salmonella. The BS about their digestive system being more acidic so protecting them is just that. But I feed raw ground beef to both my dog and cat because I get it from a butcher I trust and he feeds it to his own dogs. If I bought any ground meat from any human store I would cook it thoroughly. I’ve watched how USDA meat is handled and I eat no meat unless it’s properly cooked!

  5. Jeri

    Well if mold is out then kibble is out too! As for raw, yes, let’s pick on the food without documented illness while upholding the one type of food recalled for pathogens, molds, toxins, and mystery crap in it. Thanks, FDA but I just hit the “ignore” button. You’re not even worth listening to anymore. We will continue feeding our pets a species appropriate raw diet and NOT buying the krapple made by your buddies.

    1. Yvonne McGehee

      You hit the nail on the head.

  6. lili

    FDA has no problem with moldy food being given to pets as long as the company is massive enough. Then it is fine. But don’t YOU dare give fresh human grade meat to your dog. I’d say this is showing the increasing pressure desperate big pet food companies are putting on the FDA to represent their interests. But really, this is not so different to what is happening in the human food supply. Government guidelines push crappy grains and starches, because crappy grains and starches are subsidized, and those subsidies attract multi-national corporations to exploit them. They then constantly lobby politicians to maintain the subsidies despite that kind of food being detrimental to human (and animal!) health. Always, always, follow the money.

  7. Melisse B

    It’s never-ending!! Jeez, what a bunch of cowards! Thanks for all your hard work!

  8. Jeri

    It’s ridiculous that they warn against raw when krapple has had so many recalls and documented cases of sick pets did to toxins, molds, mystery ingredients, and pathogens. There have been so many deaths of pets on krapple yet they warn against feeding the healthy stuff. Epic fail, FDA.

  9. Pet Owner

    Yes, I just got this FDA Notice called “Good dog, Bad Food” too. They craftily stuck in a warning about raw food, along with grapes, chocolate, nuts, etc.. Real clever! Food for people that is bad for your dog! And they “accidentally” (on purpose) mixed foods for dogs that are TOXIC and life threatening, or could lead to pancreatitis WITH raw meat!! Guess somebody fell asleep on keyboard again. Yes we know raw meat is bad for people but not for dogs. Let’s say this together. If it’s fresh, clean, USDA Approved (or commercially treated to kill pathogens) and low in fat!

    But by FDA’s rationale I guess it’s still okay to throw 4-D meat into the rendering pot, cook the begeezy out of it, and hope endotoxins don’t affect any pets. I am so glad to receive these SAFETY notices from the US government! Otherwise I might not get out of bed in the morning for fear of worry! Folks, we can only hope for real change in November. To escape a lying government.

  10. alphadog

    A friend remarked that if any one madw food grade human food qe could give it to our pets.

  11. Pat Lee

    You know the only reason they are saying raw is bad, is to keep the uninitiated in the dark about manufactured pet food. As for e coli and salmonella, our food contains it too, practicing good hand washing and surface cleaning is a must. Weather you are feeding yourself or your pets. I’m so tired of corruption money controlling un truths.

  12. Janet Velenovsky

    This is laughable. I invite the FDA to come and visit my home to meet my 4 healthy, raw fed dogs. I’ve been feeding raw for 10 years. NO problems associated with food have ever happened. FDA – you are simply wrong on this.

  13. Suzanne

    I feed my dogs human grade food, but would never feed them raw meat. It is a matter of choice.
    There are many reasons I don’t feed my dogs raw meat. They get what I consider the very best of food, and they are healthy and happy. I have two dogs who are sixteen and full of energy, and others are from ten to 14. They are never sick, and only go to the vet for an annual checkup. This makes me, and them, happy. It works great for us!


    Well, not surprised. At least the FDA admitted in their statement that dog food is containimated. I am assuming they are referring to the brands (kibble ) that they endorse.

  15. Dianne & pets

    Love this ““People can get sick after handling contaminated dog food, not washing their hands, and then using their hands to eat a sandwich or a slice of pizza,” Stamper says.” So, it is okay to feed your dog contaminated kibble. but not contaminated raw meat. I wonder where the science is to back this up.

  16. In Protest

    Exactly because Dr. Carmela Stamper, D.V.M. (a veterinarian at the U.S. FDA) claimed raw meat is the number ONE food to withhold from your dog above the whole list of other TOXIC foods ….

    I think everybody should send her a pair of those thin throw away vinyl gloves.

  17. Merete Prior

    FDA is just pathetic !

  18. David Boothman

    Flushed with success from creating an epidemic of metabolic syndrome; diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s………, experts in nutrition now enthusiastically move on to apply their wisdom to dogs. Next week they will explain anomalies in quantum theory and string theory.

  19. RiverRun

    I AM JUST SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Pat P.

    I am glad that a representative from Answers (raw) pet food was at the meeting. They must be furious! They have been inexcusably attacked by the FDA, despite being a very conscientious company trying their best to provide the healthiest pet food. Most likely all good raw pet food companies are suffering from the lies spread from this corrupt agency!

    Carmella Stamford should be fired–she and a few others!

    Although I would not provide my pet with any random raw food, I have no problems feeding my cat meat from a top quality raw food company or butcher. I don’t eat meat, myself, but if I did, it would not be from the average grocery store. I don’t trust Big Ag or the USDA.

    I don’t know how anyone can feed their pets kibble–especially that with rendered toxic waste! A nation of people are unknowingly or indifferently sickening and shortening the lives of their pets and stray animals!
    They are, also, making a lot of vets very rich or allowing many helpless creatures to die.

    Susan–I don’t know how you keep from screaming at these monstrous idiots! I really admire your fortitude and like others on this site, can’t thank you enough.

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