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Failed Guarantee


The State of Illinois found 16 pet foods to "fail" random testing in 2013; the pet foods did not test to match the claimed "Guaranteed Analysis" as stated on labels. No product was recalled even though each of these pet foods were mislabeled. So much for a guarantee. Read More »

Is it Ethical for Veterinarians to Recommend Pet Foods?


Almost every Veterinarian Clinic across the country offers dog and cat food for sale. Some only offer prescription foods specifically for pets needing a diet to address a disease; however, many others offer for sale maintenance dog and cat foods to their clients. Do veterinarians know enough about pet food to ethically recommend a particular brand of food to their clients? Read More »

It’s Killing Eagles but the FDA says it’s safe for pets!


Just when you think you’ve seen it all and nothing would be too surprising to learn or read about the pet food industry, you stumble across something that causes your jaw to drop. I stumbled across something that proves once again – you can’t be too careful about the food and treats you give to your pet. Here is what I stumbled on… Read More »

The Impossible is Possible


This AAFCO meeting (July 2014) was the best and the worst AAFCO meeting I've ever attended - all in one 3 day experience. AAFCO is an impossible situation. But...the impossible will prove to be possible. Read More »

Bamboozled and Lead Day 2 at AAFCO July 2014


Day 2 at the AAFCO July 2014 meeting was a roller coaster ride. Up the hill to reach a point to be able to meet with FDA (and have them actually listen to us), and then crashing down into a black hole when industry and AAFCO duped me and then approved an ingredient for pet and animal consumption allowed to contain 90 parts per million lead. Top this off with an industry representative verbally insulting us. It wasn't a fun day. Read More »

Our Meeting with FDA

I would give just about anything for all of you to have been a little bird in the window to have witnessed our meeting with FDA. We left feeling at the very least FDA heard the complaints of consumers – they listened – they really listened. It was a good first step. And you might as well have been there ... Read More »