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How Balanced is Pet Food?


'Complete and Balanced' is the claim to fame for commercial pet food. Here's a close look at that claim to fame. Turns out...balanced isn't quite as balanced as they lead petsumers to believe (all thanks to pet food regulations). Read More »

What is Gluten Free Pet Food?


Do you know what gluten free pet food is? Understand what glutens are? FDA has released 'Guidance for Industry' to label claims for gluten-free foods. Here's the scoop on gluten free pet foods. Read More »

Just a Few Questions


Survey questions for consumers and (for the first time) survey questions for employees of pet food manufacturing. What we learn could be very interesting. Read More »

Failed Guarantee


The State of Illinois found 16 pet foods to "fail" random testing in 2013; the pet foods did not test to match the claimed "Guaranteed Analysis" as stated on labels. No product was recalled even though each of these pet foods were mislabeled. So much for a guarantee. Read More »

Is it Ethical for Veterinarians to Recommend Pet Foods?


Almost every Veterinarian Clinic across the country offers dog and cat food for sale. Some only offer prescription foods specifically for pets needing a diet to address a disease; however, many others offer for sale maintenance dog and cat foods to their clients. Do veterinarians know enough about pet food to ethically recommend a particular brand of food to their clients? Read More »