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Association for Truth in Pet Food takes Action

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  1. Lynn

    Yeah! Let us boldly go where no group has gone before.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Oooohhh! I like that Lynn!

  2. Diane

    I have been a fan of yours since I found you during an internet search a few years back. I am so glad I can now be of some help in this effort. I have been forwarding your information to my clients as you send it out and with your hard work so many people have been educated as to the fraud that is known as the pet food/treat business. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

  3. Angel Harris

    Is there any kind of recourse that can be taken against these manufacturers (specifically Purina-Nestle) for damages from allowing enrofloxacin (Baytril) in their jerky treats, but not putting a warning label on the package to not feed to dogs under 10-12 months of age?
    When we first fed these treats to my pup at less then 1/2 the rec. amount, once per day (& removed any left-overs after 1 hour), he had (vet checked) excellent joints and came from OFA excellent European champion parents and was an candidate for agility. Now at age 20 months he has suffered 2 painful, major hip dislocations & 2 painful, major knee locations from just normal activity such as walking across the floor, going up the stairs at a walk, etc. He also has ‘loose’ shoulders that ‘pop’ in and out of socket quite loudly (but painlessly, thank goodness) with little pressure. X-rays & vet checks show no bone or joint problems for this to be happening, but the vet stated that the early exposure to Baytril caused permanent damage to his connective tissue & is NEVER to be given to dogs under 10-12 months old for this very reason.
    It seems to me that since this is a well-known problem with this drug in dogs and it was found in chicken made into jerky for dog treats, these companies were deliberately in violation of vet guidelines.

  4. Anniw

    typo alert!
    “that we are not an official pet food stakeholder association ”
    That we are NOW….
    Smooches, and heartfelt thanks.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks Anniw! Corrected.

  5. Amee Rech


  6. Ann

    I am still holding for lab testing five Waggin Train chicken jerky treats in the original package that sickened and nearly killed my 18 month old blue heeler. I have successfully filed a complaint with the FDA in Jan 2013 and informed them that I had retained these chicken jerky treats in the original package and wanted them tested, but I have never heard anything from them.
    I will allow any ethical lab to test them as appropriate.

  7. Helen

    This is great news! I hope your actions through this all will set an example to others so more and more associations can be set up to counteract all the corrupt ones in all areas, including animals and humans alike! I think this brings so much hope and new possibilities!

  8. kim davis

    My Maltipoo died on June 19, 2012 suddendly and the only change was her eating those Wagging Train, YAMS. I also still have the bag she was eating from. It only has crumbs in it but it is something. Today is the first time I have heard about this problem. I am so upset about this. I would happy to send a sample from it.

  9. Nina

    I can understand why there’s not more formal reporting done regarding problems with pet food – I just spent more than three hours filling in info again and again, and was just successful in filing. I’m thankful my choclab Kopper is alive – three visits to vet this week – and she was near-death on Monday. My belief is Beneful largely responsible for her problems: weak/lethargy, abdomen bloated/hard, difficulty breathing, coughing/hacking, right eye red and swollen, blood out of nose, stopped eating/drinking.

    Vet found abdominal fluids, HUGE liver (@1/2 again as large as normal), anemia, etc. No tumors in chest or abdominal cavity thank God. Meds addressing liver issues and pain.

    I’m praying intervention was in time and Kopper will be with the family for years to come.

    Encourage persistence in filing report, as there’s seemingly no other way to notify FDA of problems.

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