It IS official.  We – concerned pet food consumers – have our official association.  Here’s just some of the reasons why we need your membership in Association for Truth in Pet Food…

1.  In the pet food industry, regulatory authorities often reach out to “stakeholder groups”.  Consumers are the largest pet food stakeholder, however we are not recognized by FDA or AAFCO (or any other regulatory group) as an industry stakeholder because we have not had an official membership organization.  Past AAFCO President Chad Linton explained to me (at the recent AAFCO meetings – and I thank him for this), AAFCO considers a blog.  He shared that members of AAFCO cannot allow bloggers to participate as committee advisors.  What they do allow is a representative of an organization – a stakeholder group.  With our association we will be (should be) provided with a position as advisor on every pet food related AAFCO committee (which is denied currently).  The lobby group for Big Pet Food is allowed several positions as advisors to AAFCO committees – and so does ingredient supplier associations such as National Renderers Association and National Grain and Feed Association.  Pet food consumers need equal representation as AAFCO committee advisors.

2.  One of the most significant tasks our Association will take on is testing of pet foods; both random pet food testing and testing of pet foods that are receiving numerous complaints of sick/dying pets.  Dues from our membership organization will cover the costs of purchasing and testing of pet foods.  This is a very expensive thing to do, thus we need many, many members to make a dent into what needs to be tested.  By becoming a member, you are helping to police the pet food industry and perhaps save lives.

Any positive test results (to illegal ingredients or illegal levels of ingredients such as vitamins and minerals) will be turned over to FDA and State Department of Agriculture in hopes the product(s) will be recalled/removed from store shelves.  As well, all of our test results will become public information posted on and

Behind the scenes, we are already compiling a list of expert contacts to help us determine what to test pet foods for.  With a pet food that is receiving numerous pet food complaints, we will send our team of experts a list of symptoms suffered by pets along with the ingredient listing of the suspect pet food/treat.  Our experts can then suggest what to test for – what contaminants or toxins (such as excess vitamins/minerals) could cause such symptoms.  This helps us save money on testing expenses and hopefully will help us find the issue with the pet food quickly.

3.  If we achieve significant membership, it is the goal of our Association to host pet food educational events each year.  There is so much to learn and share about quality pet foods and treats, our associations will actively work towards furthering the education to all pet food consumers.

Any consumer or pet professional is welcome (and encouraged) to join the association.  Membership is $10.00 annually.  But…we’ll give you options for your membership.

Our new association will be managed by…
Susan Thixton

Mollie Morrissette

Depending on funds received in membership, in the near future we would like to add additional working advocates to our Association.  The Pet Food Institute and other industry associations have 4 to 6 representatives at AAFCO meetings.  We need numerous representatives as well.  The only way we can do this is through the membership support of many, many pet food consumers.

Please join.  Further, please make an effort to get others to join.  Send at least five of your pet food consumer friends a link to the membership page, post it on Facebook and/or Google+, Tweet it (a lot!).  We will be a self supported advocacy association that will work to make pet food regulations consumer friendly, educate unknowing pet food consumers, and help to ‘out’ illegal pet food products.  Please join today!



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Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Association for Truth in Pet Food
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible

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