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Antibiotic Resistant Gene a Concern for Pets and People

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  1. Nina Wolf

    Well, antibiotics were fun while they lasted, eh? But we’ve been phenomenally bed stewards of these tools. We forget how serious illnesses were prior to antibiotics. We forget people often died of things we think nothing of at this point.

    Like climate change, or any number of other big issues, we must stop being reactive, and start being proactive. We must think ahead.

    There is a line of cleaning products called Seventh Generation. I’m not sure many people realise where the name comes from, but is worth considering the source. Native American’s talk of making decision based on what the ramifications will be not only for us now, but for our children, our grandchildren, and for seven generations to come. It would do us well to adopt this perspective.

  2. Jane Eagle

    “But the nightmare scenario is that MCR-1 will spread to more virulent bacterial strains that also carry other resistance genes — thus creating a “pan-resistant” superbug capable of defeating every antibiotic in the medicine cabinet.” –

    Some strains of the bacteria have the potential to cause epidemics, the researchers said.

    The team warns that because this gene can travel between bacteria, it’s inevitable that bacteria will develop “pan-drug resistance”, becoming unbeatable by any known form of antibiotic. Ominously, the gene seems to move easily between the strains of the common human pathogen Escherichia coli, as well as other common bacteria such as Klebsiella and Pseudomonas, which cause a large proportion of blood, urinary and gut infections.

    Pet food aside, let’s just keep eating meat. Apparently. torturing and killing animals and then eating their corpses may be the solution we need to human overpopulation (and poetic justice)

  3. T Allen

    Great work Susan! “Put Concern #1 and #2 together – and it leads one to wonder about Chinese jerky treats.” Seems totally reasonable and highly probable. How much would it cost to test samples ourselves? I know we could raise the money without being specific as to which antibiotics were being tested for.

  4. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

    This is truly a scary realty! It should also be noted that I had seen a program (I think it was The Dr. Oz Show) that uncovered that the U.S. had signed an agreement w/ China to process chicken for us. What that “processing” really means, I don’t know, the program didn’t state those specific’s.

    So, why would we need to take chicken that was raised here in the USA, & then ship it over to China to be “processed”, and then aren’t back to us?! This is extremely disconcerting to say the least!!!!

    Does anyone know the specifics of what this deal between the USA & China contracting China to “process” chicken actually entail? Based on what has been coming out of China, & their even more lax laws & regulations than the USA, it’s a nightmare in the making as far as I am concerned

    I bet that Susan is right on the $ with this issue of the jerky treats & it being contaminated by the Colistin. I am sure the USDA damn well has had an idea of what has been the c cause of these illnesses & deaths from these jerky treats, but they cover it up because of whatever their trade agreements are with China! Until someone blows the lid off this whole thing by testing the products for the Colistin.

  5. Batzion

    Search Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda, the TPP and the TTIP. Whenever you see the word “sustainable,” know that people, animals and crops are going to die by design. Our food, water, soil and air are contaminated, and that’s not by accident. The goal of the elites is to reduce the world population to 500 million which is why the Club of Rome came up with the idea of the “global warming” and “climate change” crises in order to convince people to march with the global agenda in lock step..

    To the elites, we are a liability, and the sooner we’re gone, the better. And the thing about these people, Bill Gates, and his contaminated vaccinations as an example, is that they pontificate about what great humanitarians they are. They are not.

    Research anything I’ve written here. You might have to dig for info because much of it has been scrubbed from the internet. Try using a browser like Goodgopher or Duckduckgo.

    I know this sounds like tin-foil hat stuff, but it’s not. It’s real, and people need to come out of the collective trance and wake up.

  6. Anonymous

    I recently heard about a five million dollar lawsuit against Merrick dog food for containing ingredients from China. Do you have any info on this?

  7. I love my dog

    I am personally irritated by any internet article that does NOT post any references to “date.” Because as the information ages, there is no idea how relevant it is, or continues to be. I am equally irritated by websites posting “high interest” articles (not properly annotated) which promotes their own traffic to increase (both advertising and service based) revenue. is selling a subscription service. Curiously they are also quoting “The Truth About Pet Food” (a non-revenue based service) which has done the research on premixes and foreign (especially) Chinese sourcing.

    Nevertheless, in looking for more information about this lawsuit on Google the following and properly annotated link surfaced

    The TAPF provides a “Pledge to Quality and Origin” list of PFs to help Consumers know which manufacturers are willing to declare their sourcing. The TAPF is completely consumer supported through “donations” and accepts NO advertising whatsoever. (Disclaimer: I do not represent TAPF.)

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