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Add This to Your Pet First Aid Kit

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  1. Sage

    I too keep activated Charcoal capsules in my kitchen cabinet – current brand is Nature’s Way from Whole Foods Market. The label for this brand lists (human) dose of 2 capsules or 560 mg so 1 capsule would be 280 mg which is close to Susan’s brand. I take just ONE capsule for indigestion on rare occasions and they work instantly as Susan mentions. Have also given them to my dogs over the years with great results.

    One word of warning – charcoal reportedly can also absorb valuable food NUTRIENTS so it should not be taken repeatedly or every day. Usually just ONE dose is all that’s needed and if a problem persists beyond a day or so, a Vet visit is important. Also, if a pet is really sick and FOAMING at the mouth it could have ingested poison and not bacteria which would be a Vet Emergency. Years ago a neighbors cat ingested poison and was foaming very badly. Fortunately the Vet was able to save her!

  2. Gitta

    “The recommended dose of activated charcoal for all species of animals is 1-3 gm/kg body weight.”

    1 gm (gram) = 1000 mg
    1 kg (kilogram) = 2.20462 lbs

    A 40 pound dog would need 18 gm or 18000 mg at the low end of the recommended dose. If one capsule contains 280 mg, then the dog would need to ingest 64 capsules. At the high end (3 gm or 3000 mg) it would take 193 capsules.

    I too swear by it for minor discomforts. A poisoned dog clearly needs to be seen a veterinarian and I suspect the above recommendation is meant for acute poisoning requiring large doses. Just hate to think somebody trying to give a whole bottle of capsules.

    “260 mg (4 gram)”
    Not sure how to interpret this. 4 gram = 4000 mg.

    1. Sage

      A super HIGH dose of charcoal would be used to treat POISONING such as ingesting Rat Poison or other chemicals (NOT for milder food poisoning from BACTERIA) and should ONLY be administered by a VET or for humans – a medical doctor or hospital. The ASPCA quote above references a POISON EMERGENCY and SUSAN described her pet as having a serious BACTERIAL infection which was not responsive to antibiotics and could be treated with a LOW dose of Charcoal. As she mentions, the LOW dose she used worked very well. CHARCOAL Capsules are sold at Whole Foods Markets and most health food stores and on line, and if used according to the directions they are quite safe and effective.

  3. Karen Mitchell

    So what made your dog very very sick, Giardia?
    I too feed my pets all natural and been researching for the past 6 years. In my research I have learnt that charcoal is a no no in any form, unless you use it in an acute poisoning situation, as you did. Burnt food as charcoal is the most dangerous form, but I prefer to play it safe and avoid all forms.
    Just thought I would put my two bobs worth in there. Cheers

  4. Juanita

    I have an 80 lb pit bull. How should be the dosage for him if ever needed? We to out in the country a lot and never know. if there is poison ivy or other poisonious plants, even flowers can be poisonous.

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