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AAFCO Rules, Not Mine

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  1. Holly

    … and what would happened if information were shared with consumers?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I would be removed from the Committee/working group.

  2. Laurie Raymond

    I understand that you are bound to abide by this. But what about members who have access to your members-only website sharing with consumers?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Consumer members are bound to the same requirements. Our Association – is bound to AAFCO requirements. Nothing can be public information until AAFCO decides it can be public. There will be notices to such on all posts that provide non-public information (on the Association website).

  3. Sue

    Sounds like they have a lot to hide. It’s ridiculous that joining is the only way to get information that we as consumers and pet owners should have access to. Not to mention the fee involved. As someone on a limited income I don’t have money to spare, not even $10/year; that would take away from my pets. I’m so sorry this happened to you (and to all of us).

    1. Jan

      I’m in the same boat as you, Sue. And as one who has several physically disabling health conditions it is necessary to put my $$ not only to keeping my cat in the best of health but myself as well. At what point will Americans wake up and say enough is enough?

    2. Pacific Sun

      It’s okay to be critical of AAFCO for not allowing public discussion. But not of Susan who’s been required to restrict information to ATPF membership (Association for Truth in Pet Food). Many professional organizations have such limitations, protecting confidentiality, so that all members can speak freely, until consensus is reached.

      Without the Association (representing Pet Owners) Susan was denied membership. The Association had to be formed for Susan to be considered a Consumer Stakeholder and entitled to participate in the AAFCO meetings and sub-committees. Her voice and influence is critical to our purpose. Yet she takes a lot of verbal abuse and her documented input is often thoughtlessly dismissed. It costs money to be a member, for subscription materials, and to travel! VERY expensive. She is frequently on conference calls during the week (more time and labor) and yet turns out very regular TAPF articles on many topics.

      The overall benefit of ALL her work is provided absolutely FREE to everyone who Follows TAPF!

      So for the price of ONE office visit to a Vet, that a pet hasn’t needed, being saved from some illness due to bad pet food – any amount of a donation could be made for ATPF membership! Actually this is about the principle of VISIBLY supporting Susan in the first place! Wouldn’t you guess that encouragement and vote of confidence is important.

      If we can’t do this small thing, for work that has saved the health of pets, then a bunch of comments certainly shrink in value!

  4. Sue Meigs

    I’m surprised that they let you tell us that you’re not allowed to tell us! 😂

  5. Peg


    The amount of lawless and corrupt organizations in this country are frightening.
    I am with Sue……..they have a lot to hide.

    I think this “keep it quiet” info should be spread far and wide.
    The “Secret Society of Pet Food Rulers”

  6. Sharon

    So much for celebrating our independence yesterday. Our government has been taken over by corporate interests. There are very few working for the citizenry anymore. We have become a country whose government represents industry and creating wealth first. Everything else–including health and safety are secondary.

  7. Susan Deleon

    Do you pay first and then are able to register at the new site?

    My payments come from my pet store bank account. Will that effect how I sign up?


    1. Susan Thixton Author

      You do purchase a membership, then you should received a registration link in a follow up email. If you have problems – let me know (email).

  8. Pat P.

    There should be NOTHING happening to our pets’ food that can’t be shared publicly! AAFCO’s exclusion from pet owners what is going on behind closed doors is inexcusable and should be unconstitutional, but its similar to what is happening with our human food, Monsanto and GMO labeling. The majority of our citizens want our food labeled. The FDA, the USDA and AAFCO are working against public and animal health, instead of for us.

    Pres. Jimmy Carter just recently stated that our country has become an oligarchy. Many of us already know that, but hearing him mention it publicly is a profound warning and frightening, at best. For animal lovers, it should mean, at the very least, to only vote for politicians that show they care about them with their votes in Congress and state elections!

    Unfortunately, not enough people know the truth about the ownership of our government and its politicians.

    1. Dianne & pets

      In other words, the states have become what they most fear, another Russia.

    2. Pacific Sun

      Read the article again. We may not like AAFCO’s viewpoint. But it is a professional working group. Members are from Agri-Business and PFI. Not government. What is discussed could be (at times) proprietary information. And trade is very competitive.

      We have FEW direct opportunities to affect good changes in human food & labeling. But here, we have one trusted Consumer Advocate (with absolute integrity) speaking entirely on our behalf!! For that privilege and advantage, for a membership restriction and small fee, so be it. If we’re grousing about a donation that amounts to 2 Starbuck Lattes, then are we also going to complain about an increase in the price of quality PF.

      As to politics, this Country is exactly the opposite of an oligarchy. In fact it is in a state of chaos. Which government tries to hide. People crave leadership while the majority fears change! So make a guess about November. And the status quo will continue as no business as usual.

      As for animal lovers to effect change, means being vocal and visible. Voting against incumbents who ignore your issues. And that can be done on a State level. As one TAPF article explained, on a State level, the PFI has been allowed to violate law!

      Unbelievable as it seems, government and the control of politicians actually IS in the hands of the Voters. Politicians can’t cut bad deals, if they aren’t in Office.

      And yes you are correct. People just don’t believe in that truth!

  9. Juno's mom

    So much for free speech and information. Yes, they are hiding.

  10. Jude

    What ever happened to our right to free speech as guaranteed by our Constitution? This is most disturbing.

  11. Sharon J.

    More government secrets . . . God Bless America!

  12. SueB

    “Nothing can be public information until AAFCO decides it can be public.” Can you post the names of these AAFCO people & where they are, so they cannot hide behind an Association moniker?

  13. Andrea

    What I’d like to know is how the h### AAFCO thinks it’s their ‘right’ to keep throwing more layers of wool over pet food consumer’s eyes. I joined the association, and after reading a little bit, I am absolutely disgusted in their behavior, even more than ever before! I will, of course abide by the rules, but it certainly does make my blood boil! All of this should fall under Freedom of Information.

  14. danuta radko

    Lets call it communism, lived their, not good

  15. Cherie Holverson

    Well here goes our government again. Everyone please think about who u are voting for this election and how much more of your civil rights you are u willing to give up! I cook my own food for my dogs. Should we have to do that, NO. But we do, to protect our animals.

  16. Caron

    What do they have to hide?

    This only makes me want to make more of my own cat’s food. To hell with them. I’m tired of these greedy, elitist corporate controlled agencies that only work for Big Ag and not what’s best for our animals

    Pet food has no right to be treated like a nuclear secret.

  17. Linda

    How can I spread this info to the public?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Linda – you can share this post anywhere. The more consumers learn what is happening, the better.

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