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AAFCO Meeting Highlights

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  1. Kim

    Thank you Susan for a great day in your representation of our voices. They need to know we are not going away… ever.

  2. Jude

    How lovely for you to able to give some positive comments about this group appearing to be actually open to what you, representing us, have for input. This must have been quite satisfying after being the “odd man out” for so long. Long live your endurance and the ability to remain sane among the opposition. I’m happy that you have made progress. You go, girl!

    1. Tracey

      FYI- The website is not very reputable for factual info. The 2 components of HW pills , Ivermectin and Pyrantel have been used safely in humans for 40 & 45 years. Not that any drug is without risks but what you are feeding your animals from a bag is a lot more harmful to their health!

      1. Batzion

        Hi Tracey. I referred to the sources beneath the article before submitting it here. If you see anything amiss, please tell us.

  3. Marie

    God bless you Susan! There is some good news. Your words about their even contemplating, “what can/will be shared by industry to regulatory authorities. I was shocked at this disclosure” are deeply alarming, as all things pet food should be revealed, period! And meaty? Really? That’s confusing? Okay, I get there could be a potato that’s meatier than another – actually no – Meaty is about meat, period. How these people can be confused is beyond me. Thank you beyond words for being our voice!
    We love you and appreciate you SO much!

  4. Michelle

    Thank you Susan! Without you we would not be heard. It seems that AAFCO may finally be hearing us? A few years ago (before I found you, Rodney and Dr. Becker) my daughters dog (6 lb Maltese) got extremely ill. We suspected it was the food he was being fed. A friend of mine which is a scientist offered to analyse the food to see if he could find anything toxic in it. Well ultimately it came back that my grand dog had suffered from Potato Glycoalkaloid Toxicity from the potatoes in a Nutro brand that he was being fed. Thankfully the dog was saved from near death and is a healthy 11 year old dog now. Thank you for helping us to learn about the safety of our pets food and giving us a voice!


    1. Cheryl Bond

      To ALL:
      I am signed up to recieve FDA email alerts about pet food issues, for anyone who is not, take a look at this! I actually had to laugh! Yea, SURE!! Love we believe they REALLY look into our complaints of issues w/pet foods/treats. Oh, that’s right! ONLY if the complaint might be about raw food, THEN, their ” RIGHT ON IT!!!!”

      From FDA E-newsletter:
      “Have you ever wondered ….
      What happens when you report a pet food complaint?

      Your report to FDA is important. It will be reviewed by the FDA to determine if any follow-up is possible or needed based on the information provided. Follow up could include pet food or treat collection or diagnostic sampling from your pet for analysis. Even if your pet food product or other samples are not tested, information from your report will help with the FDA’s efforts to monitor and ensure pet food safety through adverse event and product problem surveillance. Please be assured that FDA continues to devote time, energy and resources at multiple levels of the agency to monitor reports of illness that could potentially be related to pet foods and to determine their root causes where possible. Want to know more?”

  5. Cheryl Bond

    Thank YOU! Susan, for all you have done and continue to do. We all appreciate all your hard work & dedication. You never let us down!

  6. Catherine

    Thanks for all the work you do, Susan. Have you heard anything back from Oprah?

  7. Jim

    Once again thank you Susan for all you do & caring for our buddies

  8. Sara

    I’m fairly new to your page, but have been reading everything you post. It’s the most current, specific, up to date information I can find online regarding the dog food industry. The work you do is paramount for someone like me, who runs a small fresh dog food business, dealing with human grade ingredients and whole foods, all the way from Malaysia! Thank you so much for all the work you do. It’s much appreciated!

  9. Trouble

    I know that this isn’t really relevant necessarily to the topic of the article here, but I wanted to share something that I saw earlier (found it completely on accident too, was going to look for one thing, and happened to find this, and I’m so very glad I did too!), because I think that it will be much appreciated and understood by almost everyone that frequents this site, and leaves comments or engages in discussions on here with others. It’s not anything super extravagant, but… it struck a very sensitive nerve for me, and I think it will for others here too. 🙂

    This video was posted this past February, but the video (or at least the song she’s singing anyways) is much older….. She made this – the song at least – after losing her own dog to one of the recalled pet foods, back in 2007. I’ll admit… I was in tears as soon as the music started, with the video portion going along with it. I thought of Susan, and the war she fights for us and our pets, every single day. I thought that this was the best place to share something like this – where I’m sure others will appreciate it, and I’m sure those who have lost a dog or cat (or multiple pets) to the food recalls in 2007…I imagine that this will speak to those of you very deeply.

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