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AAFCO Meeting Day 1

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  1. Bazia

    Thank you for what you do!

  2. Rick Woodford

    Susan – thank you for being in attendance and representing consumers! I feel better knowing you are there.

  3. Linda

    Pet food should be registered like alcoholic beverages: The formula must be pre-approved and the container and/or label must be pre-approved before 1 bottle is filled . The finished product can only be shipped to licensed distributors, but each product label must be registered and approved in each state before it can be shipped to a distributor. Oh, and, guess what? Each state has their own requirements! Ah-hahahaha!
    Would BPF (Big Pet Food) like a little cheese with their whine?

    Susan, thank you for representing us! Please thank Dr. Hofve, too.

  4. Danee DeVore

    I wish that when ingredients are listed, the order would reflect the percentage of the ingredient, and all ingredients would be required to be weighed in the same form. It is my understanding that currently they are listed according to highest to lowest, but the determination is based on weight, and there is no standard for whether they are measured wet or dry. Therefore, meat is usually measured wet, while grains are measured dry. So, even though meat may be listed as the first ingredient, there may actually be more grain than meat in the food. I would also like to see something that indicates the percentage of protein and fat that actually comes from animal sources. I raise ferrets, which are obligate carnivores. Protein from grains provides less benefit for them, and can actually cause some health problems. But, some grains are high in protein. So, if 40% of the protein in the food is coming from grain sources, then the animal is not getting the protein it needs.

  5. Vicki Graf

    Thank you for all you do Susan!! I have learned so much from you!!!
    Now I am trying to educate the public!!

  6. cheralyn george

    Susan I just want to Congratulate you on this new role you have worked so damn hard for – for the benefit of Pet Food worldwide Bless you
    Cheralyn George New Zealand

  7. Bonnie Esterow

    Thanks so much for all that you do… hopefully one day there will be complete disclosure of whats actually in pet & maybe even for human grade ingredients !!!

    btw have you ever heard of Petbrosia
    They make “custom blended pet food” for dogs & cats taking into consideration age, breed, activity level etc.

    Also “Petbrosia uses only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, grown and raised by farmers across America”

    What do you think of this?
    Thanks again!!

  8. Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

    Thank you, Susan, for your caring and complete coverage of these meetings! I know how hard it must be to keep your composure in the face of continuing mediocracy and corporate BS. I know, however, that you will prevail and we all appreciate your efforts to help us make good decisions about what we feed our fur kids. I share all of your proceedings with anyone interested in hearing. Looking forward to what comes next!

  9. Flick, Dot and Buzz

    Thank you for keeping us informed of the proceeding, and for all your hard work!

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