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A Very Sad Story; an Important Lesson to Learn

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  1. Peter

    I hope that the writer Charlotte is able to reconcile her grief and guilt over this incident, she is not to blame.

    Knowing your pet’s eating habits is good advice.

    The all consuming profit motives of the modern agribusiness conglomerates that produce our pet foods today is disgraceful.

  2. Sarah

    I can totally sympathize with Charlotte; my old cat was eating wellness dry & canned & I noticed that she would throw up undigested food. I thought she was just eating too fast & was throwing it up. By the time I realized something was really wrong(she was trying to tell me & I didn’t listen:() it was too late; she was diagnosed with IBD & would only eat the royal canon from the vet(yuck). Then she was diagnosed with lymphoma & we tried chemo & everything but had to say goodbye march 22. Now I’m soooo careful with my new cats food & really watch their eating habits/patterns. I feel so guilty still sometimes about my old kitty, I wish I had’ve known what I know now.

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