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A Pet Food Industry Trade Show

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  1. Rich DiTeodoro

    Nice job Susan.
    I started making my own jerky after all the horror stories.
    You mentioned that some booths even had puppies, wouldn’t it have been nice if they instead had rescue dogs in need of adoption.

  2. Lisa Hoffman

    Rich DiTeodoro I was there for the last 2 days and the booths that I went into that had puppies were from local rescues that were up for adoption!

  3. Mike Cavanaugh

    Glad you went to Global.
    It’s sad that the consumers don’t understand the math. A company like the one pictured above spends fortunes on their trade show booths, TV commercials, print ads, special pricing to large stores and chains. Also, the huge shelfspace in Superstores is bought with extreme discounts. So, what people don’t understand (until they do the math if they ever do) they don’t understand that in order for the manufacturers to make a profit, they can only afford to use junk ingredients and fillers. Besides the pictured example above, I visited my neighborhood C***** Warehouse store recently. They sell a 55# bonus bag of P******* for $22.49. Really?!? Can you buy anything with nutritional value for people or pets for under 50 cents a pound? The answer is an unquestionable NO!

  4. Annie

    Hi Susan, and thank you so much for the huge amount of work you do for our pets.
    I wonder if you would review Tractor Supply Company’s 4Health brand of dog food. They also are making a grain free. After the Great Chinese Melamine Poisonings of ’07, I talked to someone at corporate (maybe #75or 6? that day) who came up with a list of sources for their ingredients. There was one mineral sourced in China. I have been feeding it for years, and the only problem I’ve ever had was possible salmonella due to our local TSC store getting theirs from the same plant that processes Diamond. Yuck. I know. But they pulled all the food from there the day after I told them about it, and started getting it from another plant for the duration of the contamination at the Diamond facility.
    Hope you will take a look at this 4Health food, and let us know what you think.

  5. Annie

    oops, sorry
    not # 75 or 6
    #5 or 6. That would be talking to a lot of people!

  6. Audree

    Susan –
    I too was at Global, and agree that there are many Chinese manufacturers, however, there are more and more small start ups that were in attendance that make their products in the USA from ingredients that are sourced in the USA. And, in speaking with many other owners of independent pet supply stores, we are careful and knowledgeable about who makes the food, and where it’s made. Our best advise is to support the independent retailers who know the food manufacturers, are informed about the production process, know the source of the ingredients, and are responsive to the consumer. Your independent pet supply retailer is the only place to buy these high quality, locally produced, unique products. Remember – we’re your neighbors. We shop at the same grocery stores, go to the same banks, walk our dogs at the same dog parks. When you speak to the independent retailer, your’e speaking to the decision maker. That gives you – the consumer – an opportunity to have immediate impact in your pet community.

    1. Christine Mallar

      Thanks Audree for your great comment. As an independent retailer, we want people to realize how much care and worry we put into the decisions we make about what to carry – they’re entirely based on information we gather about sourcing, manufacturing safety, bioavailability of nutrients, and accountability of the company that makes it. We’re also willing to take away our best selling line of food due to changes in ingredients or finding out something about the company that we can’t abide by – we’ve done this in our store 3 times in 10 years, actually. I’d bet a big box store would never take away their best selling line voluntarily. I hope that every town will eventually have well educated independent retailers for people to use as a resource, and that those who live in towns with Independent retailers will support them in their efforts to keep pets healthy and safe.

  7. Brent W

    I only shop at independent pet supply stores. The employees are more knowledgeable and concerned about nutrition and remedies for minor ailments. I found this very interesting…This one store I go to does carry Hill’s Science Experiment, (I mean Science Diet) along with some other bags of corn meal, (however, the employees always steer people to the better foods), I was told by one employee I know pretty well that she actually got in trouble because Hill’s sent in a mole pretending to be a new customer inquiring about quality food. She told them that Hill’s is substandard and lead them to the ‘better quality’ aisle. How scary is that?

  8. Pet Store New Jersey

    Thanks for sharing the photos! We just opened a pet supply store in Nyack, New York and will definitely look to attend next time. I agree with commenter Brent W, it seems independent pet stores always employ more knowledgeable and caring employees!

    Still strange there was so many Chinese products, but happy to see start-ups were getting their due!

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