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A Little Fun…

The FDA Show

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  1. Holly Schumann

    I love the “Truth Toon”

    I wish we could actually run that as an add on TV.

    Thanks for everything you do Susan !

  2. Sandy Short

    Thanks Susan! You are so special, remaining steady with a good attitude, continuing to fight for us all and humor always helps… We love you! Sandy



  4. Marge M ullen

    Made my day!! Will be sure to share!

  5. Terri Janson

    LOL!!! Thanks for the cheer Susan and thank you for fighting for our furry loved ones!!

  6. moviezombie

    LOL, they don’t do a terrific job with human food but their total incompetence and lack of looking out for the consumer re pet food is criminal.

  7. Batzion

    Most excellent, Susan!

  8. Jim

    Thanks Susan- a little levity is always good!

  9. Micki587

    Susan, You get the “truth” out! Loved this.

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