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A Close Look at a tiny Pet Food Ingredient, Selenium

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  1. Paula Cohen

    Is sodium selenite less of a concern in a grain-free food since there are no grains in the food which could contain unknown levels? Then there is just the unknown of what the protein source was eating.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No – sodium selenite is the version of selenium used in most pet foods. Regardless of any other ingredients – if an error was made when adding the sodium selenite ingredient it could be lethal (would be lethal). As example – several years ago polo ponies from France all died suddenly – the cause was an error in a supplement given the horses – too much sodium selenite. The same could happen to pets with an error.

  2. Gary

    I am confused. I was told by a pet food company that
    the yeast version of selenium was “not approved” for use
    in cat food (don’t know about dog food), so that is why
    sodium selenite is still being used?.
    Does anyone know about
    this yeast version not being approved?,,,. I cannot find information
    about this anywhere…please, does someone know?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      That is correct – the FDA has not approved selenium yeast for use in cat foods yet. Better than a year ago I asked when this might happen, I was told they were waiting on information from pet food manufacturers as to its safety.

  3. Mimi

    Re: sodium selenite. I feed my dog Canidae life stages natural & holistic plus added vitamins & minerals, chicken meal and rice formula; and contains sodium selenite. My understanding is that a mistake is deadly. What if there is no mistake? I do need to change to a less expensive dog food. So it seems if the product is labeled holistic or organic or anything, then the food could be unhealthy or dangerous?? Any recommends on what to feed my rescued mini poodle?. (gentle and loving and so loved) (I have never had a dog before)

    1. Shalonne

      Nature’s Variety, Evo, or Wilderness. Hope all is well with you and your dog.

      1. Mimi

        Thank you. We settled on merrick sweet potato and salmon. He was healthy and happy. Purina bought merrick. I bought another large bag well before six months after purina bought merrick. Milo refused to eat it. The smell was a lot stronger, the pieces (kibble?) were not the same uniform size or color and they were harder. Pet supplies plus has excellant customer service and gave me a refund.
        Since I couldnt decide what to replace it with I bought their new own brand, redford. Milo ate it immediately with no transition needed. He did grow two cysts whiched the vet tested and are normal. We had tried wilderness and refused it. I will try your other two suggestions.
        He is old but acts like a well behaved puppy. Just like having a child; I changed to have more love to give and receive!!

  4. Jennifer

    What do you think about Zignatue dog food? And Missing link supplement?

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