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2016 List

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  1. Nina Wolf

    Thanks Susan for ferreting out the little guys, the manufacturers who care and are doing things right. Without your help, we’d never know about a lot of these foods. Let’s all get out there and support them!

  2. Connie Pinkerton

    Thanks Susan for your hard work. Can you recommend a foot for cats that love dry food, however, they are obese?
    I’ve tried many high quality goods, limited the amounts, etc . One is8 yrs old and I’m not sure of the other. They are rescue cats. Any suggestions ?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I can’t make specific recommendations. Cats are tough – they tend to get stuck with the texture and taste of a particular food, especially dry foods. My suggestion would be for you to be determined. Just because they refuse a wet food the first time, doesn’t mean they don’t like it. It’s probably because they don’t understand the new food – they are ‘stuck’. Keep offering them the new food – one spoonful a day. Every day. It might take weeks…months of your determination. Another thing might help – bone broth. Here is a link to a post I did on bone broth:

  3. Midge Kelly

    Susan, I’d like to put a link to your TruthaboutPetFood newsletter up on my Dane rescue website ( ) so that folks can read, and then order this important list. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us and our pets. Totally admired and appreciated! Midge Kelly in Haslet, Texas

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Not a problem – thank you!

  4. sheryl attolini

    Susan do you know anything about the Victor dog food company out of texas. They say they are super premium dog food company. Never heard ofvyhem. But I live in Washington state. Thanks for any info.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Sheryl – no, sorry – I’ve not heard of them.

      1. Snaque Rollo

        The little independent dog food store I deal with “Kimber Pet Wash” , in Surprise AZ (623 544 7101) carries VICTOR Dog Food…..and they ONLY carry the good products. I just called them and they said they really like this brand. Victor does not do a lot of advertising

        1. sheryl attolini

          Thanks Snaque, I am currently feeding Arcana, but it is so expensive, I have 3 dogs. Before that I was using Great life, but, the store had a hard time, replacing it. Someone mentioned Victor, 40 or 50 lbs. for under 50. Instead of Arcana 25 lbs. for about 65. Said its just about as good. Have their own manufacturer plant. Use, high quality meat, from locals??? Anyone use Victor??? Pet food, well I should say, even human food is getting scary. I live right next, to berry fields. So far, that I personally have seen, have sprayed 6 times already this year. We are moving, cuz of this. Tyson chicken and other brands of meats are now going to come from china. Don’t understand how this can be cheaper. When is this going to stop. UGH!

          1. Lynn Lassen

            I quit kibble about 5 years ago, I know its not for everybody but I get tripe for about $2.75 per lb and chicken necks for 80 cents per lb so average that and its cheaper than good kibble. Also check for the carb content of kibble and consider that throwaway, so if your kibble is 30% then add 30% to your food bill because dogs can’t use it or will actually cause harm.

          2. Christi


            I’ve used Victor grain free for nearly 2 years. IMHO it’s the best kibble on the market ATM for price and quality. I like the fact they own the entire manufacturing process, including their own equipment, and are based in TX. I predominantly feed their Yukon River and Hero formulas. I have one dog that can’t handle the higher protein levels in the black bag (name escapes me). I know this is a late response, but thought I’d chime in just in case you were still debating.

  5. Sue Stevens

    Hello Susan…Thanks for all your hard work..and good advice..I can’t believe that the government can get away with this..but then again..they get away with lots of things from what I’ve heard…I’m so glad that you are looking out for our fur babies…Thanks again..Sue Stevens…:-)

  6. Linda Kilmer

    What about Dr. Garys dry food, and Party animal kicken chicken?

  7. Daelene

    Hi Susan, Do you have a list for the Australian pet food manufactures or dry foods imported into Australia? I’m very keen to know as I’m a (very) mature age veterinary nurse student graduating in Dec 2016. I believe excellent Nutrition is key to any healthy animal. My eyes have definitely been opened with the knowledge I now have whilst studying Cert 1V Veterinary Nursing.
    Thank you for your all your dedication and hard work! We certainly need more people like you in this world, when it comes to honestly, integrity and genuine concern for the welbeing of consumers beloved furkids! Kudos to you Susan!
    Warm regards,
    Perth Western Australia

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No I don’t, sorry. My suggestion to you would be to learn your country’s laws on regulation of pet food. To me, it’s necessary to understand the laws to truly understand the pet food. Hope that helps –

    2. Jan

      Hi Daelene, I’m in South Australia and looking for the same information. Did you find an Australian list? Would like to connect with you if we can find a way to communicate? Thanks.
      South Australia

  8. Randy

    I have done lots of research and this is great. I am surprised I don’t see Orijen ( on here. Is this because they are from Canada? Would love your comments.

    Thank you,

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No…it is not because they are in Canada. Best I can tell you is that Orijen is not a food I would give my own. Sorry.

      1. Randy

        Great to know! I will reevaluate.

        Thank you!

  9. Kathleen

    Hi Susan,

    I feed my cats a raw food diet with human grade organic food – I am looking for a quality multivitamin for them and can’t find any brands that seem to be safe. Can you help? Thank you.

  10. Alexis

    Is the list applicable in Australia?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No – it’s not. Sorry.

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