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2013 Stupidest Act in Pet Food Voting Begins

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  1. Mollie Morrissette

    Personally, I think the most egregious act was when the FDA wrote in the proposed rule that “waste” would be an acceptable ingredient in animal food.

    1. Pacific Sun

      well and you have to remind the readers what is the full definition of “waste” to understand exactly how dumb this permission is.

  2. Janet Velenovsky

    Susan, thank you *again* for all the incredibly important work you are doing. You are such a hero to me and my dogs and cats!

    I would encourage you to consider giving us 3 votes – simply to avoid the frustration I feel at not being able to “take shots” at more than one of these unethical organizations! I had considerable angst trying to decide which of these to vote for. I HATE Purina, and the PFI is just an extension of so many money-grubbing companies. But, because they should be an advocate for consumer citizens, I had to choose the FDA. Clearly, most of those listed deserve any of the bad publicity that might come their way.

    Keep up the great work, Susan. You are making a difference!

    1. Lila Bett

      I agree.. I had a really hard time picking just one!~I also ended up with the FDA though….

  3. Nicki

    I almost voted for the insensitive reply that the FDA doctor made to the grieving pet owner about their cats who died with Royal Canin, – “Dr. Renate Reimschuessel told this grieving pet owner…“there was nothing the FDA could do, they wouldn’t know what to test the pet food for”, and “but if your other two cats die, send us their bodies – FDA will pay for shipping” ….. Wow how unfeeling!! But in the end the Jerky Treats from China got my vote because it has gone on for so long now and you would think that people (the Chinese manufacturers, the importers, the retailers selling, and the owners who buy them) would have learned by now!

    1. Puller

      Not when the pet stores and grocery stores keep selling the Chinese pet treats.

  4. Jenny

    The FDA won’t even do the right thing when it comes to human food…I doubt they’re going to make any advances in the area of pet food anytime soon. That whole agency is in the pockets of big corporations & unfortunately a complete detriment to both humans & animals.

  5. Pacific Sun

    Can you vote more than once? I mean on different days, for different ones ….


  6. sharon kinsey


    You are letting PFI too easily concerning their violations of the Anticybersquatting Act. Go after them!!! Thank you for all you do.


  7. sharon kinsey


    Went out and checked – Petfoodinstitute.Co is available – why not fight fire with fire?


  8. Julie

    Maybe this will help…. I zeroed in on the word “stupidest.” When I was thinking who was the worst, purely evil or most egregious, I could not decide….too many choices.

  9. Allison

    So hard to choose just one!!

    1. Jeri

      Agreed on that. I thought they DEFINITELY deserved a place on that list for sheer audacity in view of the many documented illnesses in both pets and people due to pathogens in kibble….but no documented cases for raw food. It’s rather like housing a pooping elephant in your living room and then complaining about mouse droppings you find….

  10. Lynn Haughwout

    Wish there was an all of the above choice. Thank you once again Susan for all you have and continue to do.

    1. Pacific Sun

      But then the title would have to be changed to … “Dumb and Dumber” … let the voting proceed!!

  11. Marsha

    FDA was my first pick, but Royal Canin would get my vote as well. Feathers as food, get real. So would be Jerky treats from China. It is time this country sees China for what it is. UP TO NO GOOD!

  12. Anne

    I picked the FDA simply because soon or late everything should go through them.
    Oh and wasn’t road kill on the list of allowable ingredients???

    Can’t wait to read anyone’s version of “The Duck Stops Here”


  13. Deborah

    I hate Purian Pet Food, they now put out bird seed and I won’t touch the stuff! Wish we all could put theses
    monsters out of business for good!Iams and Royal Canin follow right behind. We all need to keep getting the word out! Thank You Susan for all your hard work and keeping us all up to date on what is going on with pet food. By your hard work alot of animals lives have been saved.

  14. Ehab Reda

    The FDA won’t actually carry out the correct factor with regards to human being food…I doubt they’re gonna make almost any advancements in your neighborhood involving dog meals anytime shortly. Which entire bureau is in your pouches involving big firms & unfortunately a whole detriment in order to both equally human beings & pets.

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