We’re Sick of You too!

A consumer was recently bashed by an animal food nutritionist, claiming consumers are "stupid" and "have no clue". My response ...
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How did this product ever get onto the market?

A fabulous question from Dr. Michael W. Fox's syndicated newspaper column bears repeating. Short and so, so true ...

Deal Breaker Pet Food Ingredients

There are certain pet food ingredients that I consider to be deal breakers; ingredients I would never allow my pets ...

Hear Florida Say It

Just like FDA, the state of Florida refuses to enforce law with pet food. Florida would not admit it directly, ...

Ignored Veterinary Medical Ethics

The next time a veterinarian suggests a prescription pet food that includes hideous ingredients…ask them about I(c) of the PVME ...

New for Consumers! RePurpose It!

The decades old process of 're-purposing' garbage into animal food will soon be available for consumer garbage! That's right - ...

World’s Wealthiest Pet Food Companies and Maybe Why

For sales worldwide, who are top money makers in pet food? Hint: the top six world pet food brands are ...

We Did Not Find The Requested Records

What does FDA say when you ask for the science to prove illegal pet food ingredients are safe? "We did ...
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AAFCO Meeting, Consumer Input Requested

Another AAFCO meeting is within a few weeks, final agendas have been published on the AAFCO website. Here are issues ...
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AAFCO Rules, Not Mine

AAFCO has told me I cannot update pet food consumers on TruthaboutPetFood.com to any information provided in new AAFCO Pet ...
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Very Different: US Pet Food and EU Pet Food

The European Union (EU) pet food/animal feed regulations are about the same as in the US; the BIG difference is ...
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Death by Dog Food: A Critical Examination of Pet Food Regulation in the United States

An honest examination of pet food regulations from a law student ...
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Strike Three, You’re Out (or should be)

FDA has failed inspection three times. In baseball, three strikes means you’re out ...
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FDA Protecting Pet Food, Not Protecting Pets

Two pet food brands had consumer complaints filed with FDA. One pet food had one single complaint, the pet fully ...
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Florida allows Unsafe Pet Food to be Sold to Unknowing Consumers

Florida law is very clear, Florida enforcement of that law is not so clear. It appears that the state of ...
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FDA Duck Test

The FDA Duck Test

If it looks like a duck…quacks like a duck…then it must be safe to use in pet food. Wikipedia terms ...
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The Last Piece of the Puzzle

Kansas Secretary of Agriculture unknowingly gave away the last piece of the puzzle as to why States and FDA does ...
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Consumers and Veterinarians should take note of new FDA Decision

The latest Pet Food privilege announced by the FDA is regarding prescription cat and dog food. All pet food consumers ...
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Could this be Why FDA Ignores Investigations and Enforcement?

A lawsuit alleges FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg used the FDA to run a massive conspiracy of racketeering and fraud ...
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Another Video with Law Cited

I've put together another video for consumers to share - again with the recorded excerpt of FDA stating they will ...
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