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This website and the advocacy efforts of its author Susan Thixton is 100% supported by pet food consumers.

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If your pet has become ill or died linked to a pet food, report the issue to FDA.

If your pet has become ill or died linked to a pet food, report the issue to your State Department of Agriculture.

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The List and Petsumer Report are products developed to help pet food consumers find a safe and healthy pet food – that also support the consumer advocacy work of Susan Thixton and TruthaboutPetFood.com.

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100% Supported by Consumers

This website and the advocacy work of Susan Thixton is

100% Consumer supported.

For Consumers
Susan Thixton author of this website is one of four pet food safety advocates.

Susan Thixton, Dr. Cathy Alinovi, Mollie Morrissette and Dr. Jean Hofve.

Each of the above has worked diligently to establish a working relationship with FDA and have advisory positions on AAFCO committees representing pet food consumers. We are working to give you a voice.
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Susan Thixton
TruthaboutPetFood.com's author is a founding partner of the international pet food consumer association - Association for Truth in Pet Food. Through our consumer association, Susan has advisory position to AAFCO's Pet Food Committee and Ingredient Definitions Committee.