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Real Life Example to Horrendous Quality of Ingredients

Would you leave meat outside in the sun and heat, exposed to rodent and bug infestation? And then cook that ...
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How many times are Ingredients cooked in Kibble Pet Foods?

Do you know the processing involved in the manufacturing of kibble pet food? How many times are the ingredients cooked? ...

Bugs and Pesticides in the Pet Food, Shared by an Employee

They are afraid of losing their job, so most will not talk. But when the brave few do, what we ...

The Official Unofficial Dumping Ground

Flood damaged crops? Sell it to pet food ...

The Only true Pet FOOD, Human Grade

Are you confused to what human grade pet food is? Is it for real? Worth the money? The ‘truth’ about ...

What Hormone Disruptors Found in Dog Food Means

A new study on dog foods is causing quite a stir, for very good reason. Environmental chemicals are believed to ...

We’re Sick of You too!

A consumer was recently bashed by an animal food nutritionist, claiming consumers are "stupid" and "have no clue". My response ...

Consumer Feedback Requested – Pet Food Label Modernization

Consumer advocate members of the AAFCO Pet Food Label Modernization Working Group have been asked to provide example labels based ...
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Consumer Input Requested – Definition of Feed

AAFCO is defining the word 'feed'. With permission from AAFCO, here are the definitions proposed thus far. Consumer input is ...
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Thousands of Pets Died, Nothing has Changed

For seven years the FDA has ignored requirements of law to update pet food ingredient definitions and update pet food ...
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The FDA Show

A Little Fun…

In the midst of pet food madness, a Caped Crusader has to have a little fun...right? ...
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Final Notes AAFCO Summer 2016 Meeting

Another AAFCO meeting is done. This past meeting in Pittsburgh, PA marked the 11th AAFCO meeting I've attended (unfortunately, just ...
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AAFCO Meeting Highlights

I say with great happiness...another AAFCO meeting is over. More information once I return home, but here are a few ...
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We Did Not Find The Requested Records

What does FDA say when you ask for the science to prove illegal pet food ingredients are safe? "We did ...
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AAFCO Meeting, Consumer Input Requested

Another AAFCO meeting is within a few weeks, final agendas have been published on the AAFCO website. Here are issues ...
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